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  • 7/28/2019 Final Draft Literacy Narrative


    Literary Narrative

    by Rok Churnovic

    Alright everyone,

    today we are going to learn

    about Solfege. I had no

    idea what Mr. Deboer was

    talking about. What the

    heck is soul fish? I

    thought to myself rather

    loudly. Im in my

    advanced music theory

    class in the choir room.

    Signs litter the wall. The

    signs are strange to me.

    They are singing jokes and

    are memes that only choir

    people would understand.

    Unfortunate for me, I am

    not a choir person. Soul

    fish is that fish symbol that

    says Jesus on the

    inside. Solfege is a singing

    technique that uses words

    to represent a note in a

    scale. You probably

    remember it from that

    awful movie The Sound of

    Music. Doe, a deer, a

    female deer

    blah blah blah.

    Remember? I thoroughly

    enjoy DeBos humor. Now

    that I knew

    what solfege was, I quickly

    noticed the sign on the

    wall that has it written

    down in order. This week

    should be a piece of cake.

    But then I was informed

    we would be sight reading

    music using solfege and

    our voices. Sight reading is

    when you have to perform

    a piece of music without

    ever seeing it before,

    which is usually pretty

    difficult. Now, I have to

    sight read with

    this solfege bologna and I

    have to sing it. There are

    two things wrong with

    that; I dont quite

    understand solfege, and I

    surely dont sing. EVER!

    Thats when, to my relief,

    the bell rings and Im

    aloud to go home. Ill have

    to wait another day to

    make a fool of myself by

    singing in front of the

    class. I went home and I

    just practiced

    my solfege all night.Do.

    Re. Mi. Fa. Sol. La. Ti.

    Do. That part is easy for

  • 7/28/2019 Final Draft Literacy Narrative


    me to get, because I have

    seen The Sound of

    Music. The part that was

    hard was to reverse the

    order going back down the

    scale. It was harder yet to

    sing it. The next day in

    school, all I could think

    about was solfege. In

    calculus class, one of the

    hardest classes I have, I sit

    and sing solfege in my

    head. I was trying to

    prepare for the inevitable.

    When I got to the choir

    room for AMT, I saw the

    piece on the smart board. It

    was a simple little piece

    comprised of about ten

    measures- it just danced

    around the C scale. Im

    lucky because I have a

    musical background. Ive

    been in band since I was in

    5th grade. I then look

    towards Charles, the kid

    that sits next to me, whom

    has no experience in music

    at all. Why would he take

    a class that is this hard?

    my thoughts were

    interrupted. Rok, youre

    up princess. Well here it

    was. That moment that I

    thought would seem a lot

    scarier. I guess Im not

    scared anymore, because I

    realize Charles must be

    terrified. It took forever for

    the song to end.

    Finally, Deboer told me to

    sit down. Well,

    you feged up

    your solfege pretty

    badly but on the bright

    side, your voice sounds

    like a mixture between

    Jesus and Fergie. I was

    just so relieved that my

    turn was over.

    Then Deboer told us

    tomorrow wed be singing

    in different modes. Lets

    try singing

    in mixolydian mode.

    What the heck is

    Nickelodeon mode?

    Rok, there are some very

    funny parts of this essay,

    keeping with your

    personality, but there isnt

    a lot of development.

    What is the thesis? What

    does it mean to think to

    oneself loudly? For

    example, I thought to

    myself rather loudly.

    Also, work on your tenses.they switch a few times in

    the essay from present to


  • 7/28/2019 Final Draft Literacy Narrative





    Below are the criteria toachieve an A+ thru B in anyparticular category. The

    Somewhat Successfulessay (B- thru C-) has notsucceeded in one/some/all

    of these areas, and theUnsuccessful essay (D

    thru F) has failed inone/some/all of these areas.

    Purpose (20): 15Successful (A+ thru B):

    The purpose of thisassignment is to

    convey a significantliteracy event thatconsiders the entire

    Rhetorical Situation.

    Genre (25): 18Successful (A+ thru B):

    Captures theauthors momentand demonstrates

    the significance of

    this moment Contains a thesis

    (explicit or implicit)

    that unifies the piece Uses vivid detail Demonstrates



    Design/Layout (10): 10

    Successful (A+ thru B): Uses columns

    effectively Uses

    font/spacing/size tomake the readingexperienceenjoyable

    Includes a title andthe authors name inthe appropriate


    Audience (25):19

    Successful (A+ thru B): Uses vocabulary

    appropriate for a

    college audience Assumes a level of

    intelligence andsophistication for

    the audience Adheres to the rules

    and conventions ofmechanics, spelling,

    usage and grammar Uses a style that fits

    with the concept of

    a narrative so the

    audiencesexpectations are met

    Stance(20): 17

    Successful (A+ thru B): Uses the narrative to

    offer an argument

    about literacy Includes a consistent

    tone that presents

    the authors take onthe event

    Takes risks in that itoffers the readersome insight intothe author