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There Are Worse Things I Could Do:A Journey of Self-DiscoveryKayleen GerowVisual Narrative

In the spring of my Senior year of high school, it was decided that our musical would be Grease. I was thrilled at the idea of performing it because of the strong similarities to my feelings about my last year of high school.

When the cast list was released, I was delighted to discover I had received the honor of playing Betty Rizzo, the fearless leader of the Pink Ladies and one of the lead roles.

As we began rehearsals, I found myself struggling to believe that I could live up to the legacy that the character entailed. I was nervous at the idea of failing at such a magnificent role.

Rehearsal in full swing!

As the show grew closer, I found myself growing very connected to Rizzo. I discovered how strong she was, and how alike to her I truly felt.

The full cast in rehearsal outside!

Thats me!

As we prepared for the first show and got into costume, I was overwhelmed with nerves and anxiety. My fears were quickly alleviated when I stepped onstage and conquered the character with strength and poise.

I invested everything that I had into making Rizzo as beautiful and resilient as I believed her to be, and put every ounce of my being into each note and line that she spoke, and felt elements of myself intertwining with her.


During my final performance, I was overcome with sadness and nostalgia. As I went onstage to perform Rizzos powerful ballad of heartache and struggle, I felt myself welling up at the thought of leaving this amazing place and these incredible people that had shaped me into a beautiful woman.

As I belted out her song one last time, I began to feel tears running down my cheeks. Looking up after finishing the song, I saw the audience on their feet. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life, and I came to realize that I had discovered myself through Rizzos story.

Our lovely cast!