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  • FINAL COURSE PROJECT: MY EXPERIENCE WITH YOGAGrace Rogersbuddha244@yahoo.com2/1/15Fitness Life and Design

  • YogaOnce a week

    Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

  • Engagement ActivitiesI chose this because it was easily available to me and convenientI did it every SaturdayMany times, my younger sister did this with me.I performed a variety of yoga poses including different warrior poses, the chair pose, the crescent pose, and the reverse warrior pose.

  • Starting UpI was limited to what I could doI found a fitness game I never had opened before I decided I would use yoga, something Id wanted to do in the past. I Bought a ten dollar yoga mat I found my flexibility wasnt where I thought it was.

  • SportsmanshipSportsmanship is: showing a good attitude throughout a gamePlaying by the rulesHow I showed sportsmanship: My sister didnt understand the idea of yoga and I explained it to herI helped her through difficult posesMade sure to let her know when she was doing a good jobI get a little frustrated with my sister sometimes, mostly because of her selective hearing, but I promised myself I wouldnt have a short temper through this project just as if I was playing a team sport. My sister and I

  • Sports in other CulturesYoga is a practice coming from Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism (say: so yoga is traditionally an Asian practice.More of a fad in America than India/ commercializedTeacher-student dynamic is laid back in America.Yoga is said to have emotional ties in America Yoga fashion doesnt exist in IndiaMost Indians participate in yoga for the spirituals ties, not for health benefits like in America.Interesting Fact: The word yoga comes from ancient Sanskrit that means to put together the soul and the great spirit or the Atman

  • Yoga in IndiaNotice: He wears everyday clothes and performs it alone

  • In-School ResourcesYogas not offered at my school TennisGolfBasketballVolleyballSoccerSoftball

  • Community ResourceYoga is offered at The Wilde Coward in New Smyrna Beach

  • Proof of Participation

  • Final Thoughts & Reflections

    This project was important because:Commitment New Learned something new.I plan on keeping up with doing yoga regularly.I learned how to maintain my temperI learned about zen, being calm, and showed me a new side to fitness. Ive recommended this to my friend Yoga is a fun exercise that really teaches you about patience but is very different in America than in India