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Fertility Rate. By Crystol Caesar Shaquille Elliot. Table of Contents. Definition of Fertility Rate Factors influencing Fertility Rate Video Depicting Factors Measurement of Fertility Rate(Aspects) Graph showing Total Fertility Rate Replacement Fertility Case Study Of Canada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Fertility Rate

Fertility RateBy Crystol Caesar Shaquille Elliot

Table of ContentsDefinition of Fertility RateFactors influencing Fertility RateVideo Depicting FactorsMeasurement of Fertility Rate(Aspects)Graph showing Total Fertility RateReplacement FertilityCase Study Of CanadaReferences

Fertility RateWhat is Fertility Rate?

Definition of fertility rateThe total fertility rate is referred to as the average number of children a woman is likely to have if she lives to the end of her child bearing age, based on current birth rates

4Factors influencing fertility rateStatus of WomenPerception of children as an impedimentReligion & CultureCost of LivingAdvances in TechnologyFamilies being more career-mindedOptions given to woman- Policy

Video depicting factors of fertility

Measurements of Aspects of fertility rateGeneral Fertility Rate (GFR)Age Specific Fertility Rate (ASFR)Total Fertility Rate (TFR)General fertility rate (gfr)Number of live births per 1000 women age 15-49 in a given year

Number of births/year * 1000 Number of women ages 15 to 49Age specific fertility rateNumber of births per year per 1000 women of a specific age (group)

Number of births to a woman age a *1000 Number of women age a

Total fertility rate (tfr)The average number of children that would be born to a woman by the time she ended childbearing if she were to pass through all her childbearing years conforming to the age-specific fertility rates of a given year

Number of women * 1000 Number of birthsGraph showing total fertility rate and levels of education

Net reproduction rate (Nrr) Average number of daughters that would be born to a woman if she passed through her life-time from birth to the end of her reproductive years conforming to the age-specific fertility and mortality rates of a given yearReplacement fertilityReplacement fertility is the total fertility rate at which women would have only enough children to replace themselves and their partner.

Replacement Level Fertility is said to have been reached when NRR=1.0 Case studies ( canada & Africa)Low and highCanadaAfrica

referencesJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthGoogle imagesCase Study (Canada) :-rbeaujot@uwo.caGeography : An Integrated Approach, David Waugh



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