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  • Fastrack IP

    A Concept Presentation By Phase 1

  • The Objective To popularize the brand Fastrack and make it aspirational for the youth

  • The Concept

    To create a property that resonates with the brand identity

    !To create a trend that spreads like wildfire

  • The Idea #Fetish

  • What Is #Fetish?We will connect with design schools across India like NID, Shrishti, NIFT etc. The students of these schools need to pick one or two product from the fastrack gamut and design a look. The look could be a garment or an ensemble

  • Whats In It For Me?

    A huge cash prize and an opportunity to be the fashion designer for the one fetish ad of fastrack

  • What Next? The contest percolates from the colleges to an online contest that drives walk ins

  • How?We will set up a #fetish backdrop. People can walk into the store and take pictures by creating an on the spot ensemble of fastrack.

    They need to then upload the images on their facebook/instagram and get maximum number of likes to win a chance to model/design for the next fastrack ad

  • Quality Control There will be a special award for a staff pick image/ensemble for the mass contest.

  • Chirp About It

    On twitter:

    The most catchy tweet with the #fastrackfetish wins a cash prize

  • ResultsThe fashion / art colleges that are typically ignored save for their contests get to part of the larger picture!The contest caters to a larger audience and gives them a chance to interact with the product as well as connect with at a whole other level

  • ResultsIt drives walk ins to the store!It creates a trend that identifies with both fastrack and fashion!It makes the brand aspirational to the youth as it is then associated with the fashion industry

  • The Mobile Van

    A Concept

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