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Truly Transformational Power of MobileAnswering the question for the first time ever, what is real value of mobile in marketing based on empirical research.Empirical Data from Coca Cola, AT&T, MasterCard and WalmartFashion Digital Mobile New YorkMarch 24, 2015Greg Stuart, CEO Mobile Marketing Association

MMA Membership800+ Marketers, Agencies, Media Sellers, Tech, Operators Globally

2John CostelloPresident, Global Mktg& Innovation Dunkin BrandsJack PhilbinCo-Founder, President & CEOVibesCarolyn EversonVP Global Mktg. SolutionsFacebookBrett CainePresident & CEOUrban AirshipNaveen TewariFounder & CEOInMobiPeter KuipersEVP & CFOQuantcastAlex MoukasCEOVeltiCameron ClaytonPresident, Digital GroupThe Weather Co.Mike BakerCEO & Co-FounderDataXuMichael BarrettCEOMillennial MediaB. Bonin BoughVP, Global Media & Consumer EngagementMondelz IntlTom DalyGroup Dir., Global ConnectionsThe Coca-Cola Co.Luis Di ComoSVP Global MediaUnileverJack Haber VP Global Advertising & DigitalColgate-PalmolivePeter HamiltonCEO, PartnerTUNEJohn KosnerEVP Digital & Print MediaESPNIlonka LavizGlobal Digital Mktg. Dir. Global eBusinessProcter & GambleNeal MohanVP, Display Adv. ProductsGoogleDipanshu SharmaFounder & CEOxAdJohn TrimbleCROPandoraAlan YanFounder & CEOAdChinaWanda YoungVP, Media & Digital MarketingWalmart

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What Do You Mean, You Dont Spend Big In Mobile Yet?Do You Not Care About Your Business or Career?Finally, We Know For Sure Proof that Mobile Advertising Does Deserve a Place in the Marketing Mix 4Mobile is the Greatest (Universal) Transformation in Consumer Behavior 150xTimes we check our phone a day

5.3BTotal phone subs worldwide(25+% Smartphone)

59%U.S. Smartphone penetration (2014)

80%Never leave home without a phone

PenetrationLeave without itSleep with phone

Put the sources of data in here:

5What Other Media Gets This Kind of Commitment?1018-24 year olds check their phones every 10 minutes on average

75%Americans admit to using phone while in bathroom

65%Parents believe their devices make them better parents

68%Place their mobile device next to bed while sleeping at night

PenetrationLeave without itSleep with phone

Put the sources of data here6Or this Kind of Commitment !?!?

Truth is: Mobile The Closest You Can Get to Your ConsumerIf there were cellphones at the Red SeaHow many ways is mobile unique?9

That USP is supported by Real ValueFor advertising alone, this is a 30 billion $$ opportunity according to M Meeker.10What is the [real] value of mobile?

$1BDollarsWhat is the value of mobile to your Business?Can mobile help me meet my marketing goals?What is the optimal mobile allocation for my campaign?How can I make my mobile investment work harder? Current methods cant measure mobile.Either not granular or lack cross marketing context.So, the greatest transformation in marketing is UNMEASUREABLE!Revolutionary Channel needs a Revolutionary Approach.Revolutionary Channel needed a Revolutionary Approach. = Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness StudiesWhy SMOX is revolutionary$2 million,20 companies, 3 Trade Groups, 7 major marketers Global5 studies so far10 more comingReal in-market testingEntire mixMeasure mobile even if its 0%!

Thank you to these Innovation LeadersSupportersPartners

Association of National AdvertisersAmerican Association of Advertising Agencies145Leveraging Mobile ad tech to target DIDIndividual Level data for cross media exposureExperimental Design for media allocationTrack multiple KPIs, perceptual or behavioral Regression analysis to identify driversBudget Optimization Software to operationalize insights236Integrated Partners target DID of panelists

500KMobilepanel ofInsightExpress checks for cross over in panel and sends list of panelists back to NetworksAds, tagged by InsightExpress, are targeted to panelist devices

Assess multiple scenarios of cross media exposure and frequency

Brand KPIs /attitudinal with SurveysFoot trafficwith actual location dataActual sales with panel match

How it works: Thank you to Marketing Evolution & Insights ExpressWhat is the value of mobile to your Business?Can mobile help me meet my marketing goals?What is the optimal mobile allocation for my campaign?How can I make my mobile investment work harder? The campaigns we tested cover the entire purchase funnelAwarenessImagePurchase IntentFoot TrafficSales

How many people can you convert with mobile?


Campaign AverageMobileAT&T wanted to build AWARENESSfor the new moto XImagePurchaseIntentFootTrafficSalesAwareness


MOBILEDIGITALMobile Delivered almost twice the Awareness /Dollar vs.. other mediaTotal People converted with mobile vs. campaign on average

Device AwarenessAT&T Campaign on averageMobile

11.9x 1.92. MasterCard wanted to increaseassociation with Travel PurchaseIntentFootTrafficSalesAwarenessTVSOCIAL




Mobile Delivered almost twice theImage /Dollar vs.. other mediaGood Card To Carry When TravelingMasterCard Campaign on averageMobile1

1.7x 1.7

Total People converted with mobile vs. campaign on average

3. Walmart wanted to drive Intent forBack to School groceryFootTrafficSalesAwarenessTVMOBILEImagePurchaseIntent25


Mobile Delivered almost twice the Purchase Intent /Dollar vs.. other mediaWalmartCampaign on averageMobile

x 1.91.91

Intent to Shop Back to School Grocery Total People converted with mobile vs. campaign on average4. Coca Cola launched a campaign to support its growth strategy for Gold Peak FootTrafficAwarenessImagePurchaseIntentTVPRINTDIGITAL/MEDIA



Mobile worked harder than its share and drove results across the Board

Salesof budget5%of sales6%Total People converted with mobile vs. campaign on averageGold Peak Campaignon averageMobileTop of MindAwarenessHomeBrewed Taste Gold Peak Campaignon averageMobile4.81


Well, can mobile help me meet my marketing goals?YES.Mobile drives results across the entire purchase funnel

What is the value of mobile to your Business?Can mobile help me meet my marketing goals?What is the optimal mobile allocation for my campaign?How can I make my mobile investment work harder? Our empirical data suggest that based on its impact mobile should be 8%-16% of the mixImagePurchaseIntentFootTrafficSalesAwareness

Mobile Optimized %8%10%10%

16%But what is the REAL business value of those allocations?

Reallocation to mobile would bring double digit lift in awareness Or convert the entire city of Chicago+12%

Increase in Awareness3/23/15Proprietary & Confidential35

Reallocation to mobile would change perceptions for nesters/empty nestersOr convince enough empty/nesters to fill all the Hotel rooms in Greece+7%Increase in Image

Reallocation to mobile would bring double digit lift in Intentor cover all the schools in NJ with back to school supplies+15%Increase Purchase Intent

Reallocation to mobile would increase actual sales by 4% enough bottles to pave the way to Toronto+4%Sales

So what is the optimal allocation for mobile in the mix?DOUBLE DIGITAim for a Mobile allocation in your total marketing mix

slide titleI Get It. Change is Hard40Key QuestionsCan mobile help me meet my marketing goals?What is the optimal mobile allocation for my campaign?How can I make my mobile investment work harder? 4 ways to make mobile work harderFormatLocationTime of DayCreative

Net, there are a lot of options to improve MobileOptimize by FormatFormatLocationTime of DayCreative

Mobile Video improved results for Coke. PriceBetter ROI!Effectiveness at low Frequency

Mobile VideoMobile Display320100100650

Effectiveness at High Frequency350Manage frequency or rotate creativeSave video creative would produce stronger results vs.. TV with lower costMobile VideoTV40100100450Better ROI!

Effectiveness atlow frequencyPrice

Mobile Native improved results for Walmart. PriceBetter ROI!Effectiveness at low FrequencyMobile NativeMobile Display5001001001000Effectiveness at High Frequency300Manage frequency or rotate creative

Using mobile formats to hit goals and maximize ROI DisplaySocialAudioVideoNativeCharacteristicsBuilds impact graduallyStronger than displayBuilds impact graduallyStronger than displayBuilds impact faster/strongerApproach Benefits from repetition. Good for recency / continuity strategyMonitor frequency or build on creative rotationLeverage Location TargetingFormatLocationTime of DayCreative

Location and format Interact: Combine for better resultsExpandable UnitsPencil UnitsRetargetedProximity40%12%No Lift10%Leverage Context TargetingFormatLocationTime of DayCreative

Depending on the category, Context Targeting can add significant valueDay of the week*Time of Day**1301001001290Weekday vs.. Weekend targeting Time of the day targeting for industry with Strong Time of Day Dynamic Without targetingWithtargetingBuild on CreativeFormatLocationTime of DayCreative

AB testing can significantly increase impactAB testing and optimizationNo optimizationBetter CreativeRelevance to Demo100100170120

How can I make my mobile investment work harder? Optimization areaOptimize by Format (video, audio, native, larger ads, etc.)2. Leverage Location targeting (proximity, retargeting store visit, etc.)3. Leverage Context targeting (time of day, edit context, etc.)4. Optimize and Improve Creative (a/b testing, new creative, etc.)TotalROI Upside of Mobile