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Download Fall 2016   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   2016   CALENDAR OF EVENTS GROWTH REQUIRES CHANGE ... ninth grade will be on the high school campus. ... covered walkways,

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  • CALENDAR OF EVENTS Fall 2016 www.ycs.wednet.edu


    Yelm Community Schools now serves more than 5,700 students

    kindergarten through 12th grade on our 10

    campuses. To give some context, we have grown

    by 600 students in the past 10 years and 1,600

    students in the past 20 years. If expected growth

    continues, we could reach 6,000 students by

    2019. Without a doubt, our schools were not

    built for so many students. We are reaching a

    critical point in terms of having enough class-

    rooms to house students.

    Last February, we did not reach the needed 60% pass rate required on our bond proposal that was

    designed to address our expanding needs. Since that vote, the district has enacted plans to

    manage enrollment growth, especially at our highly crowded elementary schools. In order to

    appropriately house our students, we must make significant shifts of our student population.

    Starting in the fall of 2017 all elementary schools will become K-5 schools, and sixth grade will

    move to middle school. At the same time, ninth grade will be on the high school campus. These

    shifts will result in two or three classrooms opening up at each elementary school which allows for

    expected growth. By adding another grade level to Yelm High School, its enrollment will exceed

    1600 students.

    Twelve new classrooms are being added to the YHS campus to accommodate the growth. Four of

    the classes will be portables and the remaining eight will be a larger modular building. The

    modular building is attractive and has an internal hallway and restrooms. It is important to note

    that even with new classrooms, we will not be able to add infrastructure across the district such as

    food service areas, covered walkways, gymnasium space, field space or new restrooms at the

    middle and elementary schools. As we continue to grow and refill the elementary classrooms in

    the next few years, we will feel more growing pains.


    Native Heritage Month

    6 Standard Time Change

    10 End of 1st Quarter Half Day

    11 Veteran's Day NO SCHOOL

    16-18 Conferences Half Day

    16 Winter Sports Begin

    22 School Board Meeting 7pm

    24-25 Thanksgiving Break



    15 School Board Meeting 7pm

    19 Winter Break Begins



    3 First Day Back from Winter Break

    12 School Board Meeting 5pm

    @ Southworth Elementary

    16 MLK Day NO SCHOOL

    27 End of 2nd Quarter Half Day


    Last spring Yelm adopted new graduation requirements to align with the state to support the skills

    students need to be successful after high school. Starting with the Class of 2021 (current 8th

    graders), students will engage in four years of rigorous academic courses and focused personal

    pathway credits that support their High School & Beyond Plan. Through exploration of various

    career fields, students will select courses to prepare them for the

    education necessary to pursue post-graduation goals.

    In middle school students will begin to explore education and career

    options. Through personal reflection and research, students will

    design a plan showing the courses they will take to meet the 24 -

    credit requirement. This plan puts them on a path to transition to

    the education, training or work experience necessary for their

    chosen career pathway. Learn more about the new requirements

    and Career Pathways at www.ycs.wednet.edu/ccr.

    Follow Yelm Community Schools

    on Facebook and Twitter


    Twitter @YCSnews

    107 First North Street

    PO Box 476

    Yelm, WA 98597-0476



    Yelm Community Schools complies with all federal

    and state laws and regulations and does not discrimi-

    nate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin,

    gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability,

    veteran status. Inquiries regarding compliance and

    grievance procedures may be directed to the districts

    Title IX Officer, Greg Davis, or Section 504/ADA Coor-

    dinator, Shannon Powell, PO Box 476, Yelm, WA




  • This year, kindergarten through fifth grade implemented a new English Language Arts

    program called Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA). CKLA addresses all aspects of

    reading, writing, language, speaking and listening. The program is unique because it

    builds background knowledge while helping students become better readers.

    Students explore fascinating aspects of ancient

    cultures, science, American history, and literature.

    CKLA challenges students to discuss, present, and

    write about these topics. Like many programs,

    CKLA also teaches students the foundational skills

    of reading such as letter sounds, sight words, and

    sounding out words. In addition, CKLA integrates

    important skills like spelling, penmanship, and

    grammar. We are excited to watch our students

    grow each year with CKLA.


    Skyward Access is a great way for parents to stay connected to their

    childs school.

    Monitor student attendance

    Track food service balance

    Review student grades and missing assignments for middle

    and high school only

    If you dont have access, it is easy

    to get an account.



    SUBJECT LINE: type name of the

    school your child attends

    BODY OF MESSAGE: parent's full

    name, child's full name

    Need to put money on account for

    lunches or pay fees?

    Use the secure online tool:


    There is a standard format for all

    users and their passwords.

    User Name is the parents Skyward Login ID (Family

    Access ID)

    Password is Last Name in all

    capital letters

    Recently, the Yelm School Board and Superintendent Brian Wharton spent time

    reviewing the district goals. At the end of December, the current strategic plan for the

    district will expire; and the board reflected on the future needs of our students and

    community. Supt. Wharton described their work as, One of the best days I have

    spent in education! I was honored to work with our directors who have incredible

    passion for the school district and community, and who are willing to set strong and

    ambitious goals for our future.

    The community will soon see a draft of the new strategic plan and how we will

    develop the systems that will measure our growth, inform our public, and allow the

    community to see the great work happening in our schools. Supt. Wharton will be

    meeting with community groups and is seeking input on how we continue to improve.

    Come be a part of helping Yelm Community Schools grow! Visit the website for

    meeting dates and survey links to provide feedback: www.ycs.wednet.edu.




  • The starting point of all achievement is desire - Napoleon Hill


    This summer during our back to school workshops, district staff were inspired by the

    presenter Damen Lopez, Founder of No Excuses University. He shared his belief

    that we need to create a Culture of Universal Achievement. This means, we believe in

    the potential of all students to be proficient in reading, writing

    and math; and more so, that we believe it is our responsibility

    to make it happen.

    Why? Because when you believe in something with all your

    heart, it changes your behavior, Damen emphasized. Admin-

    istrators, teachers and instructional support staff have em-

    braced this mindset and are working collaboratively to design

    systems to support all students in achieving their goals.


    Last spring, the YCS Board of Directors adopted a new

    K-12 math curriculum called Eureka Math. Connect-

    ing math to the real world, it takes the fear out of

    math and increases student confidence. Lesson by

    lesson, students build understanding that links math

    ideas across grade levels. Students focus on fewer

    topics overall which develops deeper mathematical


    Eureka Math goes beyond facts and formulas helping students become not merely

    literate, but fluent in mathematics. Students use pictures, models and manipulatives.

    Once they see whats happening, they use symbols and standard algorithms because

    they now understand what makes those processes work. This approach helps students

    build on what theyve learned year after year, ensuring they are prepared for the

    challenges of today and tomorrow. Middle and high school courses are implementing

    Eureka this year and elementaries will shift instruction in 2017-18.


    A five-year $1,250,000 grant from the Department of

    Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Partnership will allow

    Yelm Community Schools to improve learning by increasing

    technology for students and aligning instructional