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  • 1. FabUpLook Up. Make Up. FabUp.

2. WHAT IS IT? 3. Social MediaMobile App The Platform Website Forum 4. Highlights 1. Try products on your skin 2. Facial Recognition 3. Gallery of Make Up Looks 4. Catalogue of Products 5. User Reviews 6. Virtual Mirror 7. Tips & Videos 8. Brand Page, News and Updates 9. Facebook/ Twitter Integrated 10. Location Based Push Notifications 11. Buy 12. Discuss over a Forum 13. Manage content from a website 5. For the Customer Fun & engaging way of accessing beautyinformation and products right on their fingertip 6. For the Brand Monetizing on in pocket marketingAnalytics to provide you key insights on what products yourconsumers are looking atIncreasing your customer reachUnbiased reviews on your products 7. For the Make Up Artist Exposure to a larger audience Improving their chances to connect with brands Taking advantage of disruptive technologies at no cost Earn from promoting tips on the mobile appAdvise users on beauty tips on our forum 8. WHY IT WORKS? 9. Our Target Audience Women between 18-24 25-34 35-45 Users moving away from web to mobile. Fastest growing market for registered Apple accounts Are prone to buying more apps then male counterparts per month. Most active on social media. Per capita spend on cosmetics is one of the highest in the world.Source: Go-globe.com 10. Consumer Spend on Cosmetics RegionalAverage GlobalAverageSpend Per Spend Per Month Month Saudi Arabia $90 Japan $171 UAE$73 US$132 Oman $42 UK$124 Kuwait $35 Brazil$65 Qatar$30 China $13 Bahrain$25 India $11Source: Euromonitor International 11. THE WAY WE GROW 12. FabUps Digital Marketing PresenceMediaPlan Facebook Community of amateur make upartists, FB apps, competition andgiveaways. TwitterTweet-a-Tip, DivaTweet, Followbrands and renowned make upartists. YoutubeFabUp users testimonials, Appvideo simulation Beauty BloggersTie up with Bloggers to promotethe app and the brands within it Quick link to App Store Pages for App Users & ClientsWebsite Clients About the AppPersonalized Log In, OnlineCMS, Technical Assistance 13. E Commerce ForMake Up ProductsM Commerce ForMake Up Products Augmented RealityA Store LocatorTool An iPad & Android ApplicationA DigitalMarketing ToolAn iPhoneApplication 14. CONSUMER GROWTHFORECAST 15. FabUps Growth ForecastDownloads By End User 1st Year600005000040000NO OF DOWNLOADS300002000010000 0Values Projected Downloads 350,000 16. Look Up. Make Up. FabUp