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  • Be not afraid of going slowly. Be afraid only of

    standing still- Chinese Proverb

  • How do you get momentum? How do you keep moving?

    Why is this important?

  • Business experimentsfrom visual thinking to visual doing

  • small & simple

  • Experiment: Education Visual leadershipIdea -> Start an visual education Goal -> Getting a least 6 customers Time -> 4 months Do -> Write a page,online form, sharing

  • Why I do this? Freedom + Impact + Curiosity

  • Making things not so simple

  • QWhat are you making complex?

  • Making things simple

  • QHow do you make things simple?

  • Experiment:

    Open Coffee LeidenIdea -> Get the network to me Goal -> Organize meeting simple Time -> Every month Do -> Pick a date, time, location+ invite

  • Experiment:

    Rent a websiteIdea -> Will people rent a website? Goal -> Find 5 customers Time -> 6 months (it took 1 month) Do -> Set up website and share

  • QCan I say yes or no to your mission? Can you tweet your mission?

  • Customers

  • QHow do you get customers?

  • Experiment:

    Get website visitorsIdea -> Get user Goal -> Post message on different websites Time -> One month Do -> Write a message, post it, analyze

  • Experiment:

    Share workIdea -> Share work to get known Goal -> Make others RT / Re-post my work Time -> As long as I do this Do -> Take a picture, share and tag

  • EDesign a one customer experiment

  • But are you allowed to fail?

  • ETalk to your customer

  • Making it simple .again

  • Experiment:

    Online courseIdea -> Build a simple crowdfund page Goal ->10 paying customers Time -> One month Do -> Tell people, mail it, share it.

  • Experiment:

    Visual communityIdea -> Start a visual community Goal -> 4 Try-out meetings, min 10 people Time -> 4 months Do -> Write page, online form, share

  • Experiment:

    Make myself replaceableIdea -> Do less Goal ->Delete, Delegate, Automate tasks Time -> 4 Months Do -> Make a list of things I do / action

  • EFocus! Make a fuck-it-list

  • I still make some things big

    And of course

  • EDesign a experiment for next week

  • most important lesson

  • do Business experiments

  • small & simple

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