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<ul><li><p>Everything You Should Know About Eyebrow </p><p>Tattooing </p><p> If you are anything like many other people in Melbourne, you wear makeup even though it can be a hassle. One issue many people have is getting their eyebrows right each and every time. You may want to consider tattooing the area which will ensure that they look right every time you go out the door. Here are a few pointers before making your decision. </p></li><li><p> While you may only consider this option as a time saver, it can also be useful for people who have very thin brows. Having full, lush brows can dramatically change the way the face looks, yet some people do not have these naturally. Tattooing can give them a look they could not achieve otherwise. </p><p>Who Gets Them </p></li><li><p>There are many options available to give the brows a new look. These include: Feathered: This is used to add definition to existing brows. Block: This is a darker, dense brow that is great for people who want a high-fashion look. Textured: This includes dark and more subtle areas so the brow has a more natural look. </p><p>Options </p></li><li><p>Depending on the state of your current eyebrows, you can discuss the different options with a qualified technician to do the tattooing for you. </p><p>The average price for tattooed eyebrows is between $500 and $600 (AUD), but that price can fluctuate depending on the technician you decide to work with. Since most eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent, you will have to go and have them touched up every couple of months or so, and the price for this work is less. </p><p>The Cost </p></li><li><p> When choosing a technician to tattoo your eyebrows, make sure you select someone who has a good amount of training and experience. Unfortunately, there are many salons that are allowing anyone to perform this procedure on clients. If the person you are considering has no proof that they are a trained cosmetic tattoo specialist, you should look elsewhere. </p><p>The Right Technician </p></li><li><p>Now that you have all the information on eyebrow tattooing, it is time to decide whether or not this is something you want. Use all that you have learned here to help you make an informed decision. </p><p> Address: 7 Deauville Court, Wantirna, VIC Phone: 1300 134 247 Website: http://beauty247.com.au/ </p><p>Beauty 24/7 </p></li></ul>