“Everything you can imagine is real” Picasso and masks

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  • Everything you can imagine is realPicasso and masks

  • Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain in 1881He died in 1973He was one of the most famous and influential figures in 20th century art.

    Homework task find out.What does influential mean?Why do YOU think he was influential?

  • It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child

    This picture was drawn when Picasso was 14 years old.What do you think the quote above means?

  • This is a self portrait painted when Picasso was a young man. It was painted during the blue period.

    Homework taskFind outWhen was this painted?What was the blue period? find another painting by Picasso from this time

  • This picture was painted by Picasso in 1907, it is called Les Demoiselles dAvignonTell me how it makes you feel. Why?

  • These are African masks. What can you tell me about the shapes that you see?Picasso was a young man living in Paris, he became interested in African art in particular these amazing masks!

    Why were there African masks in Paris?

  • Describe the colours and patterns that you see

  • What did the Artist do to the eyes?And now describe the mouth

  • What can you tell me about the hair?

  • Can you notice at least 3 things which are similar to the African masks that we looked at?

  • Task 1Divide your page in half, vertically.You will make 5 masks on one page in your sketchbooks think about the things we talked about and include all the patterns and details.

  • Task 2 introduction to AcrylicsAcrylic paints are very versatile they can be diluted with water and used like watercolours, or they can be used thickly, like oil paints.They can be quite hard to control, because they dry out quite quickly.Next to your mask drawings, experiment with the different kinds of mark that you can make with Acrylic Paints.On the next page, draw your favourite mask and paint it with Acrylics!

  • Homework

    Your books will be with me for assessment of the first part of the unit.

    Take notes - Answer the questions on the slides of the Powerpoint, ready to put into your books next week.

    Draw just the face of one of the women from Les Demoiselles dAvignon

    Use the Cardboard, and use all the space provided!