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Progressive Promotions EventsApril 20152 Founded in 1980, the Chz-zam Event Group innovated the special events industrythrough the fusion of Broadway, pizzazz, fashion design, theater craft and imagination. We have blazed a trail of innovation that has continuously delighted event hosts and their VIP guests around the world. We partner with Progressive Promotions and apply our expertise to their clients event needs.Progressive Promotions EventsWHO WE ARE:Progressive Promotions EventsEXTRAORDINARY EVENTS FOREXTRAORDINARY PEOPLEWe form a partnership dedicated to achieving goals,unprecedented customization, and superb delivery. Our process begins with an in-depth analysis of our hosts vision. We then tailor the event to support the mission of our client while creating an unparalleled experience for thoseinvolved in the process. Our reach in the industry is limitlessand will be exhausted to provide our client with the mostappropriate, best suited, and most unique options. Fromvenues and caterers to theme design and entertainment, our event execution will be successful and will have the analysisand follow-up to prove it.3 Full Service Event Planning Total Show Conception Budget Management Quality Control Result-Driven Perfection4Progressive Promotions EventsWE OFFER5Analysis of Clients Needs and Goals Collaborative Crafting of a VisionImagineering of Event and Experience Budget DevelopmentUtilization of Venue, Room and Floor Plan Event Timing/Show Flow Execution and DeliveryFollow-Up and Result Analysis with Continued Relationship BuildingOUR EXPERTISEProgressive Promotions Events6FROM CONCEPTTO CURTAIN CALLSince 1980, the Chz-zam Event Group had a large hand in the evolution of the events industry.With your guidance and invited participation,allow us to leverage your brand assets, target your goals, invigorate your guests, members andsponsors to create an overall lasting impression on those that matter most.7Progressive Promotions Events8Our style is your styleFrom dream to theme, we will makeyour vision come alive.In a world of imagination, yourpossibilities are truly endless9OUR STYLEProgressive Promotions Events10OUR BOUTIQUE SERVICESSite SelectionEvent InfrastructureLighting, Video & Audio ProductionCustom Entertainment & Music Floral and Room Design MetamorphosisSpecial Effects Staging1112We had high expectations, and you exceeded every single one. It was as if we were caught up in a dream.American Heart AssociationIt was obvious to all that this was definitely not amateur night, they are truly professionals.AT&TI have never heard such unanimous praise of our many legendary final nights.XeroxEveryone commented on the professionalism and charisma of the Award Gala. We cant wait to have you back!Ford Motor CompanyWe all received notes from upper management congratulating the team on a superb event, which reflects on the effortswhich was put forth PfizerEvery detail was flawless! As you saw our guest list is all VIP and usually find fault in something, but not this year!Thank you, thank you!!Youth Renewal Fund13Progressive Promotions EventsOUR APPLAUSE1415Progressive Promotions EventsTHANK YOURichard BlauPresident, Chz-zam(516) 682-4888richardb@chezzam.comJulie LeviPresident, Progressive Promotions (201) 945-0500 ext. 17julie@progressivepromotions.comExtraordinary Events for Extraordinary PeopleNew York * Orlando * Los Angeles * Las Vegaswww.chezzam.com @ChezzamEvents Facebook.com/ChezzamEvents


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