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E.T. BOOTH MIDDLEPE DEPARTMENT Coach Barkes Coach Candelario Coach Dutko Coach ElliottCoach Krug Coach Roga Coach Shaw Coach Waters



Introduction of coachesClass roll call/warm-up spots

Welcome to P.E2Coming to PECome to class prepared (clothes, shoes, agenda)Be on time (there are consequences for tardiness)Come directly to the locker room, change your clothes in 6 min., lock your locker and go into the gym to walk.

3Typical Day in P.E.Dress in=6 minutes Once dressed out, enter the gym and begin walking until roll call whistle is blown.Roll call/Warm upsActivitydress back in= 6 min.

4Locker RoomRent any locker for $5 per person for the whole year or $3 per person for one quarter.You have a choice between an individual for one, a tall for two, or a large for 3 people to share.Responsible for your lock/locker/combinationRenting locker is not required but encouraged to keep your valuables safe.Do not bring valuables to class.The locker room is NOT a BYLD classroom! 1st offense is an automatic office referral

5Locker Room Rules cont.Before you leave the locker room, use the bathroom and get a drink if needed. You will not be allowed to re-enter the locker room once you leave.There is no changing in the bathroom or shower stalls. Please change in the general area. You are responsible for your own belongings. Lock up anything valuable and do not give out your combination to anyone!

6Locker room rules cont.Clean up around your area. If you drop deodorant or make a mess of any kind, clean it up!No aerosol deodorant, body sprays, perfume/cologne, or hairspray is allowed due to allergies.Nurse passes will be given for emergencies only.Clean shoes off OUTSIDE at the end of the period. Do not bang them off in the locker room.Do not use the sinks to clean off shoes.No horseplay of any kind at any time.7

Dress Out RequirementsShirt- E.T. Booth uniform shirt is recommended. You are also permitted to wear any of the following Booth colors, white, grey, royal blue, gold or black t-shirt. Shorts- must be black (E.T. Booth uniform shorts or basketball type shorts)- no more than 5 above the knee (do not roll waist band)Shoes- laced up tennis shoesMust change from your school clothes into your PE uniform-not what you wore to schoolBring home your PE clothes once every week or two to wash them.

8What if I lose my PE clothes?Your first initial and last name should be written on the inside of your PE shirt and shorts.Check the locker room lost and found for your lost PE clothes.If you find any items that dont belong to you, please place them in the lost and found.9What if I forget my clothes?You may rent a clean uniform. Cost is $.50 per piece. Give us your money and agenda, and once the rental uniform is returned, so is your agenda.Socks will be sold for $1.00 a pair.Your lace up tennis shoes should always remain in your locker, we do not rent shoes.

10Dress Cut Consequences:Each dress cut will result in the loss of your daily points and you will not be allowed to participate. Upon the completion of the written assignment, you will receive half of the points back. You may be assigned a job and/or alternate activity.After the 3rd dress cut- Parent notificationAfter the 4th dress cut- Office referral11Dress Cut Protocol:

1. DO NOT ENTER THE LOCKER ROOM.2. Leave your belongings in the locker room hallway.3. Bring your agenda and a pen/pencil4. Walk the perimeter of the gym and then go to your roll call spot.12Tardy Consequences:

1st tardy- warning and recorded in gradebook2nd tardy- teacher discretion- your individual teacher will inform you of the consequence3rd tardy- consequence and call home

13Gym/Field Rules:1. Respect yourself and others2. Long, loud whistle= STOP and LISTEN!!!!!3. Communicate- You must get permission from YOUR PE TEACHER!4. Do not touch equipment until directed to do so.5. No gum/food/drinks are allowed in the gym. Water only!6. No technology or electronic devices of any kind are allowed in PE.

14Consequences for bringing technology (phone/ipad/tablet/etc.)Locker room: 1st offense = confiscation and automatic office referralGym:1st offense: teacher will confiscate and you may pick up at the end of the school day2nd offense: teacher will take it to the front office for your parents to pick up3rd offense: Office Referral15Consequences for misbehavior:

Any of the following may occur depending upon the severity of the offense:Student/teacher conferencePenalty BoxLoss of participation pointsConduct Points deducted from agendaParent notificationOffice referral16Early CheckoutsIf you know you will be checked out during class, do not dress out. Bring all of your belongings to roll call and let your teacher know what time you will be checking out. We will not be able to take you to the locker room to get your things during class time so your parent will need to wait until the end of the period to check you out. 17Clinic IssuesAsthma- see nurse before PE if you need to take your inhaler for exerciseA nurse pass is required from YOUR teacher for any medical needs. We have Band-Aids in the gym. If you get hurt during class, you need to immediately tell an adult.

18Emergency ProtocolsFire Drill- Freeze and be quiet as soon as you hear the alarm. Listen for directions. We line up outside in the bus lanes by class. Locate your teacher.Tornado Drill- Go to locker rooms and sit quietly. Code Red- Hide and be silentCode Yellow- School doors are locked and we may not go outside. Inside stays the same.TestsFitnessGramPush-ups, Curl-ups, Pacer, Sit & Reach, Height/Weight

PE Pre-test & Post-test Final Exam (SLO)

Puberty ClassSex Ed.- will take place January 5-12 during your Connections class for up to 3 days.

DONT FORGET TO BRING $$$ FOR LOCKERS AND UNIFORMS TO YOUR NEXT PE DAY. DECIDE IF AND WHO YOU WILL SHARE A LOCKER WITH. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR AGENDA WITH YOU!!!!IntramuralsAfter-School Program Monday-Thursday, 4:00 6:00Available to all studentsPlay a variety of activitiesFreeMust have permission form signedFall session begins Aug. 24th and will include volleyball and basketball.

Interscholastic SportsBasketball and Cheerleading for 7th and 8th grade only