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  • 1. My Baby Estrogen Adopted by Brett Sutow


  • Estrogen is a steroid,which is a type of Cholesterol, which makes it a lipid
  • Because Estrogen is a lipid it is made up of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen

Elements that make up my baby 3.

  • Estrogen is its own subunit
  • It is its own subunits due to its missing of hydrogen's which causes it to bond into rings.

Subunits that help make up my baby 4.

  • Estrogen has an alcohol functional group.
  • This happens at the C3 and the C17 positions.

Functional Group of Estrogen 5.

  • My babys family is made up of steroids
  • All of Estrogens family members all contain four rings
  • Some of Estrogens family members are cholesterol and testosterone

My Baby's Family 6.

  • Estrogens family function is to be a hormone.
  • Estrogens family helps modulate functions such as reproduction, metabolism, and that of blood pressure.

Family Functions 7.

  • It is the primary female sex hormone
  • Can activate estrogen receptors which can turn genes on and off.

Function of Estrogen 8.

  • I would allow my baby estrogen to play with her girlfriends the estrogen receptors
  • I chaperon her while she played with her best friend testosterone
  • Baby estrogen will help males with the maturation of sperm and may help for a healthy libido

Reasons why I would make a Great parent of Estrogen