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Little discussion about employer branding presented at the master course Communication des Entreprises et des Organisations Internationales (Celsa-Paris Sorbonne).


  • 1. Heineken was hiring an intern for its Event & Sponsorship Marketing They received 1,734 applications from all over the world A shortlist of 25 applicants was compiled and they were invited to Amsterdam

2. 816,000 views in three days 200,000 students were asked about their ideal employers in 2013. Heinekens position is: 39th worldwide 2nd in Netherlands (Google is the 1st) 36th in Europe 54th in France Heinekens image: unconventional youthful, cool brand 3. The 9 steps by Claes PeyronUnderstand the business needsDefine an optimal optimization mixCreate an annual planDefine the main target groupsSelect the tools and objectivesDevelop communication ideasUnderstand the target groupsOptimize the employer value propositionExecute and follow-upsAttracting and retaining the high talent is becoming a key organizational capability. 4. Google is always among top ten most attractive employers lists Some features people associate with Google: Good reputation Innovative products and services Market success Offers a creative and dynamic work environment Offers a friendly work environment Challenging work 5. Loreal created a game that gives players real feedback about their professional behaviorP&G created a new website (experiencepg.com) which features video story profiles, and improved social media profiles 6. Rankings 7. What do these companies have in common? They let you develop both professionally and personallyThey are industry leaders They are globalThey are certain that their employees are the most important success factor for themMost importantly: they know how to take advantage of publicity for building up an image of a good place to work 8. What do you think about Heinekens recruitment process? Which enterprises would you like to work for and why?


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