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  • Email Features Help(Adding Attachments)(Adding Auto Signatures)(Setting Priorities)

  • Adding AttachmentsWhat are attachments? Attachments are an easy way of sending your contacts pictures, folders or other files. All you do is add them onto your email and you contact will be able to open them up.

  • Adding AttachmentsWhy are attachments useful?Attachments are useful as you can send different types of files to your contacts. Its a fast way of sending different types of files and its very easy.

  • Adding Attachments - Step 1Firstly you need to click New to open up a new email.

  • Adding Attachments - Step 2When you have clicked new you need to type in the email address of who you want the email to send to. Also you need to set a subject so your contact knows what the mail is about.

  • Adding Attachments - Step 3Next, you have to write your email.

  • Adding Attachments Step 4Click here to add an attachmentThen a box like this will appearClick browse to choose a file or picture to send.

  • Adding Attachments Step 5Another box will appear, find a file or picture you want and then click open

  • Adding Attachments Step 6When you have clicked open, click on attach to attach it to your email

  • Adding Attachments Step 7As you can see your attachment is on your email. Finally, click send.

  • Adding Auto SignaturesWhat are Auto Signatures? Auto Signatures are where you set your signature to come up automatically on your email.

  • Adding Auto SignaturesWhy are Auto Signatures useful?Auto Signatures are useful because every time you go to send an email your signature pops up automatically so you dont need to click any buttons to add it.

  • Adding Auto Signatures Step 1To add a Auto Signature you need to click on the Options button.

  • Adding Auto Signatures Step 2Type whatever you want your signature to appear as when you write an email in the box provided.Also to make your Signature come up automatically, click the Automatically include my signature on outgoing messages button.

  • Adding Auto Signatures Step 3When you have finished typing your signature, make sure you click the save button to save your signature. If you decide to change your signature, go back to step 1.

  • Setting PrioritiesWhat are setting Priorities?Setting Priorities are when you send an email that you want to be important.

  • Setting PrioritiesWhy are Setting Priorities useful?Setting Priorities are useful because if you want to send an email that is important, it will appear at the top of your contacts inbox.

  • Setting Priorities Step 1Firstly you need to click New to open up a new email.

  • Setting Priorities Step 2When you have typed your email and added to the to who you want to send your email to, click the red exclamation mark and then click send.When it has sent the email will stay at the top of your chosen contacts inbox.


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