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  • Electric Water Heaters Mid capacity - Indirect combi - Small capacity - Commercial range

  • FROM FERROLI EXPERIENCE A wide range of electric water heaters - top perfoming in terms of reliability and safety - aimed for longlasting daily comfort and wellbeing

    Ferroli Group has been leader in the Heating and Air-conditioning field (HVAC) for more than 50 years. Thanks to its particular care and devotion to every step in designing, production, distribution and service, Ferroli Group has been able to offer high quality and reliable products. Such valuable experience, has been fully applied also to develop a full range of Electrical Water Heaters (EWH), rapidly gaining the full appreciation of end users as well as professionals around the world.

  • > THE RANGE Ferroli range of electric water heaters boast a wide variety of models, to suit any residential requirement. It varies from: 5-liter model, a quick source of hot water for small single-point use - to 300-liter model - which enables simultaneous or large domestic hot water flow.

    WATER HEATERS > > > Heating division

    > mid cApAciTy Ranges from 50 to 150 liters, suitable for important needs of domestic hot water. Available with multiple types of heating elements and different options.

    > indiREcT combi It includes a supplementary coil, to circulate water pre-heated from an external source.

    > SmAll cApAciTy With capacities ranging from 5 to 30 liters, they are an easy and ideal solution for small requirements and can be installed in limited space.

    > commERciAl RAngE When an important demand of hot water is required, a large capacity water heater is recommendable. This is the case of small communities, recreational centers, bed & breakfasts, etc.

  • WATER HEATERS > > > Heating division

    > PROduCT IN PILLs descriptive icons

    All Ferroli water heaters are built with maximum attention to reliability and comfort, along with utmost care for the environment, thanks to the recyclable components they are made with. Icons here below sum up some peculiarities of the different models shown in the following pages.

    5 bolTS FlAngE The electric heating group is mounted on a 70 mm diameter 5 bolts flange, sturdily sealing the inspection hole. This system permits an easy and trouble-free access for rapid internal maintenance

    STEEl EpoXy poWdER-coATEd JAcKET External jacket is painted through an epoxy powder process. Its surface is resistant to heat and UV rays and remains bright for long time.

    “blUE Silicon” EnAmElling The titanium-enamelling process practically transforms a steel tank into a glass-like container, thus granting a perfectly hygienic surface which cannot be affected by rust. The Blue Silicon powder is totally nickel free and conforms to the most recent International regulations.

    IP 25

    HigH liQUid inTRUSion pRoTEcTion The IP protection code classifies the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (first numeric digit) and water (second digit): Ferroli water heaters comply to EN 60335-2-21 Directive.

    TAnK WARRAnTy This icon indicates warranty coverage in number of years, and it may differ from model to model. The warranty covers the integrity of the water tank and its lining. Conditions are written in the product’s manual.

    ElEmEnT WARRAnTy Models with Blueforever and Steatite heating elements enjoy an upgraded warranty period in case of eventual malfunctions of the element itself. Conditions are written in the product manual.

    EXTERnAl REgUlATion Temperature settings of the water can be stepless adjusted through a graduated knob. This is very practical, and does not require any special tool to do it.

    AbS SHocK-pRooF oUTER cASing Outer shell is made in injected ABS. ABS is a thermoplastic material with excellent characteristics of resistance to high and low temperatures, scratches, cleaning agents.

    opERATing ligHT on/oFF SWiTcH

    EXTRA THicK inSUlATion Made with thicker water-blown CFC-free Polyurethane insulation, implying low thermal loss.

    FAST-HydRo Allows to cut off heating time by 50%. This function - made possible by an auxiliary coil - is useful to cope with peak or repeated requests, besides permitting to choose the most convenient operation mode of the electric water heater

  • WATER HEATERS > > > Heating division

    > FACTORy Add-ONs tailoring your dhw source

    The product can be customized - only by the factory - with the following add-ons, according to the different requirements in global market.

    pREmiUm HEATing ElEmEnTS Some models can be produced with a premium heating element, such as Blueforever and Steatite, whose advantages are described in the following page

    HEAvy-dUTy THERmoSTAT Standard equipment for the 1,5 kW models, include a 16A thermostat. It is possible to get the same standards of high- powered water heaters equipped with a high intensity 20A thermostat. As a consequence the lifespan of the device will increase.

    poWER cAblE And plUg Depending on the destination market, products could be supplied with supply cord and plug.

    nylon diElEcTRicS These diaphragms dielectrically separate the tank from the piping. As a consequence magnesium anode will focus his protection action on the tank’s lining only, thus reducing its consumption

    HigHER-poWEREd ElEmEnTS On demand, higher-powered elements can be fitted to the unit, in compliance with customer’s requirements, thus boosting water heating and cutting down on heating and waiting times. Lower wattage elements can also be fitted, starting from 0,8Kw on most models.

    FlooR STAnding Horizontal executions are available also with supports for floor standing installation, practically limiting the installation just to water and power connection

    pRobE pocKET Indirect combi model can be equipped with a probe pocket on the top of the tank. This can host a sensor, to regulate the heat contribution from the external source.

    bLuE FOREvER


  • WATER HEATERS > > > Heating division

    > HEATING ELEMENT 4 alternative choices to power the water heater

    Ferroli water heaters can be equipped with a choice of 4 different materials for their “heart”, i.e. their heating element. Sturdy stainless steel and hyperconductive copper represent ultra-tested and cheap possibilities. Additionally, Ferroli also offers Blue Forever and Steatite elements, very appreciated for longer durability and specialists’ market.

    blUE FoREvER


    The element is enameled with Bluesilicon, a unique patented treatment, offering extra qualities such as: - Drastically reducing the limestone deposit, which

    substantially shortens the life span of the element - Top efficiency of the element for a longer period - Maintaining the high performance throughout the life

    span of the element - Extended Ferroli warranty on the element


    - Made of natural stone - Dry heating: the element is separated from the water

    by a steel sleeve - Easier maintenance: the replacement of the element

    does not require emptying the tank - Galvanic protection of the element, as it does not

    come into direct contact with water - Scaling protection: the protective sheath is Blue

    silicone enamelled. Furthermore, thermal charge is distributed in a larger section (namely the steath) than in wet operating elements, thus decreasing limestone aggregation

    - Longer life of the product, since the stress on parts and components is reduced

    - Extended Ferroli warranty on the heating element



    Standard element

    BLUE FOREVER element

    bLuE FOREvER


  • WATER HEATERS > > > Heating division

    > EXECuTIONs vertical/horiZontal

    HORIZONTAL This execution is particularly recommended if the installation is to take place in a confined space. Because of its limited height, the product can be placed under roofs and in the smallest corner of the house. The water heater comes equipped also with supports for floor standing positioning, thus covering every possible installation case. The heating element is bended towards the bottom half of the tank. This will force the water to move around in the tank, improving the mixing and guaranteeing that the hot water moves to the top from where it is conveyed to the point of use. Temperature management has been particularly studied for the shape of the horizontal appliance.

    vERTICAL Thanks to the design, the stratification of hot water inside the tank is maximized. This enhances energy saving and allows for the hottest possible water to be drawn, compatible with the thermostat setting, even accounting for frequent draws.

    STRATI+SYSTEM In all executions, the cold water is drawn in the tank through a drilled pipe diffuser. Such pipe will allow for even spreading in the tank. As a result, stratification occurs in the best way possible, avoiding occasional cold water to stream to the top half of the tank, where hot water is conveyed to the point of use.

  • mid cApAciTy > > > Heating division

    WATER HEATERS > > > Heating division

    > dHW REQuIREMENT how Much water do i need?

    This is the key question when purchasing a water heater. It is not simple to choose the best size based on a family’s HW requirements. Too many variables influence the d


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