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  • 1. www.studio37.siproduction STUDIO 37photos by SAMO VIDIC & NICO KRAUSSBegunje 1, SI-4275, Begunje na Gorenjskem, SloveniaPhone: +386 4 535 13 70, Fax: +386 4 535 13 60 Elan Marine d.o.o.E-mail: elan.marine@elan.siwww.elan-yachts.com

2. INDEXElan 340 introduction 03Exterior05Interior07Excellency in construction08 Performance10Technical specifications11 Rob Humphreys12 3. 10 2030 40 50 60 7080ELAN 34046 810 12 90Elan 340 is a complete new hi-tech designperformance cruiser with the emphasis ontop level performance to capture the spirit100 of the competitive sailor and at the sametime offering the well appointed comfortsand style for the enjoyment of the cruising4family. 110Designed to be responsive and fast in light6 wind, the boat easily handles various weath-er conditions with only a minimum adjust-ment of the sail area, a feature equally im- 120portant to the cruising family as it is to the8 race crew. 130For a boat of less than 10 metres the Elan340 has a hull designed with a long water-0 line to lift her performance to a new level in140 its class. The optimised lead keel, tall rig andclear deck featuring high quality deck equip-ment all combine to give the owner and2150crew the most rewarding sail.16003 1704 4. 04 05 5. Elan sailing yachts come with a prestigious pedigree that is a promise of excellence and a commitment to quality throughout. Below deck the spacious 2 cabin interior provides more headroom than expected in a yacht of this size. Generous L- shaped galley, U-shaped settee in the saloon and plenty of efficient storage with forward facing chart table and spacious WC area. Practical solutions with superb comfort are combined with beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail to satisfy even the most demanding owner.06 07 6. EXCELLENCY IN CONSTRUCTIONHigh Quality materials Germanischer Lloyd Inner structure Carefully selected materials are subject to our Gelcoat spraying All our yacht are under constant supervision of Ger- strict quality control. Use of high technology manischer Lloyd. With its long history of more than The hull structural strength is a key factor in overall materials, from the latest research, enable us to150 years Germanischer Lloyd is setting the highest boat safety, and in its resistance to ever-demandingoptimise the laminate plan of each yacht. Quad-demands in boat building industry today. Each ELAN ocean conditions. riaxial- and multiaxial- glass fibre, Kevlar rein-yacht is carrying a GL certificate as ultimate proof of Maintaining the highest profile of structural framesforcements at the mast support and bow area, her quality, durability and safety. among boat builders, and the highest number ogAramat and Dyvinacell all contribute to theOnly in that way do we know we have fulfilled the longitudinal and transversal stringers, the Elan innerwell known strength of an Elan yacht.owners expectations. structure is one of the most comprehensive rein-Use of Vinyl ester pre-laminate and Isophtalic The Elan range of performance cruising yachts and forced structure on the market today. polyester laminate which insures perfect antios- Impression cruisers are all built under permanent Adding a unique combination of gluing and laminat-mosis protection and superb mechanical prop- technical supervision of Germanischer Lloyd for Sail- ing techniques to the inner mould to the hull joint isChainplatesHull deck jointerties to weight ratio.ing Yacht specification on a hull structure designed to the final proof Elan yachts are build to last. give any sailor confidence. Chainplate loads are spred via High Quality marine To preserve the design shape of the hull prior to the stainless steel rods to metal plates incorporated into joint, specially designed metal jigs are used. Use ofGelcoat spraying Keel jointthe inner structure. an in-turning wide flange offers a strong support forthe deck an a large surface for bonding material. Hull Apart from the aesthetic function, a layer of gel The cast iron ore lead keel is attached to the hull by and deck are joined together by a 3-way technique: coat is used to prevent water penetration into premium grade stainless bolts that are highly resist-Gluing of the hull an deck parts together, use of stain- the laminate and preserve its stiffness over long ant to corrosion.less steel bolts for mechanical shear, fastening and periods of time. In order to achieve the highest The internal structure grid ensures the best possiblelaminating of the joint at the bow and transom area to level of consistency in quality and thickness, the strength and flexibility in beating to windward, or in allow for even greater stiffness and sturdiness. 100%HQ gel coat is being sprayed by computer-oper- severe groundings. Before fitting each Elan keel isreliability with no recorded failure in thousands of ated nozzle in a carefully monitored production sealed for protection and smooth finish. miles of tough ocean conditions. process. VAIL The proper goal in hull construction is to pro- duce the required strength and stiffness with the least weight of material. Unnecessary weight makes a yacht more difficult to manage, and less enjoyable to sail. With our own system ofInner structure Vacuum Assisted Infusion Lamination - VAIL the results were more than promising.0809 7. PERFORMANCE Stability curve10 203040 5060 6 Technical specifications70 Length overall9,99 m 4 Hull length 9,99 m Length at waterline 9,39 m 2 80 Beam3,48 mPolar diagramDraft1,95 / 2,10 m 46 810 1290 Displacementapprox. 5000 kg Elan 340 GZ Curve for the Composite Lead/Iron Performance KeelBallast 1450 / 1490 kg 2 0.8 Water capacity200 l 100 0.7 Fuel capacity95 l 4 0.6 Engine 29 hp110 0.5 Mainsail34,51 m2 6 GZ Value (metres) 0.4 Genoa 37,13 m21200.3 Spinnaker 89,11 m2 8 0.2 I13,49 m130 0.1 J 3,67 m 10 0 P12,78 m 140 -0.10 10 20 30 4050607080 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 E 4,50 m 12 150 -0.2 Boat design category CEA 160 -0.3 DesignRob Humphreys 170 14 Heel Angle (Degrees)10 11 8. EXCELLENCY IN DESIGN Creating the successor to the highly successful Elan 333 was a challenging, yet exciting, project. The 333 had proved herself to be an exceptionally popular sailing yacht with a range of features that appealed to a broad spectrum of sailors. Our task was to take these elements and build on them without losing the spirit of the original concept, and this I think we have achieved.Rob Humphreys There is no doubt that the 340 is an even faster boat than her predecessor. We wanted both to extend her cruising range for a given period of time, and make her more competitive for those owners who enjoyrefinement that had been a hallmark of the 333. All weekend or even offshore racing. We began this the sail controls lead back to the cockpit, making her process by giving her leaner lines forward, resultingan ideal craft for family and short-handed sailing. in a finer entry that allows her to slice through the waves with the minimal resistance, and a slightly full-Below decks the 340 immediately feels more spa- er afterbody to increase her form stability and create cious, having increased and better optimised internal further improvement in downwind speed. volume than the 333. The forward cabin, for example,is more generous than the 333, yet the saloon, galley With a big and powerful rudder the boat is extremely and aft cabins also represent gains as compared with controllable, allowing us to give the boat a mastheadher predecessor. Given that the overall length of the spinnaker with confidence that it can be easily man- 340 remains at under 10 metres this might seem like aged by a family crew. In other respects the rig is aa bit of magic, but with extensive feedback from the fractional configuration, with two interchangeable op- 333, including six years ownership of a 333 by the tions - an overlapping headsail rig for predominantlydesigner himself, it was a case of juggling an already light air areas and a non-overlapping, 110% headsail successful formula into an outstanding one. rig for generally windier regions and for relaxed cruis- ing where a family crew will find her a very easy boat When the 333 was launched she very quickly be- to sail, with slightly more stability than the 333.came the benchmark by which other boats of thisclass were judged. Now, with the Elan 340, we feel Up on the deck of the 340 we sought a look that wasconfident that we have raised the bar significantly both elegant and purposeful. The wheel is placed and believe that she will become as iconic a craft as well aft, creating a much more spacious feel to theher predecessor. We look forward to her becoming a cockpit than the 333 but with all the ergonomicfamiliar sight in the waters of Europe and beyond.12