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  • Introduction
  • Georgia
  • Resume
  • My Reflection About Internship
  • My Reflection About Student Assessment SystemInJ.E.B Stuart High School.
  • Strategies
  • Lesson Plans
  • Reflective Statement On Learning
  • Culture Day

4. George Mason University , College of Education and Human Development Center ofInternational Education , Teaching ExcellenceandAchievement Program Funded by IREX U.S. Department of Stat ECA 5.



  • Her Glorious Past and Hopeful Future
  • Georgia, an exquisitely beautiful country of 5.5 million people, is ringed by the Caucasus Mountains and set at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It lies between the Black and Caspian Seas and borders on Turkey, Russia and Armenia. Since recorded time, Georgians have been famous for their hospitality to strangers. The visiting ancient Greeks knew Georgia as the land of the Golden Fleece. It was a woman, St. Nino, who brought Christianity to Georgia in 330 A.D. Georgian wine has been produced for over 3,000 years and Georgian literature dates back to the fifth century A.D. Scholars have compared the 12th century Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli to Dante and Shakespeare


  • In May 1991, Georgia declared independence from the Soviet Union. In spite of major efforts towards stabilizing the economy and instituting democratic practices, Georgia is still struggling economically. The new Georgian Government under President Mikheil Saakashvili, who was elected in January 2004, is endeavoring to restore the Georgian economy and renew the hopes of the Georgian people.
  • Currently, the Georgian Government is unable to provide most of her people with gas, electricity or social services. Georgian industry, still suffering from the Soviet legacy, has collapsed leaving many workers without pay or without jobs at all.
  • Georgians who once enjoyed one of the highest literacy rates in the world now have schools struggling from a lack of heat and unpaid teacher salaries


  • Date of birth :1981,25.07
  • Place ofbirth : Sachkhere, Georgia
  • Address : Sachkhere, Sanapiro st. #4.Georgia
  • Tel :899 54 45 57
  • E-mail :eenukidze@gmail.com
  • Tbilisi Ivane Javaxishvili state university, Magistracy, MA in Education
  • student
  • Tbilisi, Ilia Chavchavadze State University of Western Culture and Languages. Georgia
  • Foreign Languages Faculty, Diploma(1998 august-june2002)
  • Ardmore language school, England, Eastbourne2008
  • Leader of the students
  • Sachkhere secondary school #1, Georgia


  • Public School #1 Sachkhere. Georgia.
  • English Teacher, September 2004-present.
  • Design English Language Curriculum, plan and lead teacher trainings, Coordinate and supervise English Language Club. Succeeded in obtaining funds for an English Cabinet. Acted as a liaison between the school and community during English Cabinet renovation.
  • A Trainer for the ELT Global Product-www.teachingenglish.org.uk2008-present.
  • Train a minimum of 25 school teachers in using this website.

10. USAID, J.S.I, Save The Children Trainer /volunteer/ 2008 april-present. TopicOUR HEALTHY LIFE Sachkhere Youth Assambly Establisher and author of the project 2008-/running project/. Our blogwww.sakrebulo1skola.blogspot.com ENGLAND, Eastbuorne ARDMORE LANGUAGE SCHOOLS Leader of the group/15 sts/ Editorof the school newspaperHead of ECOLOGISTS CLUB at school.Ourblogwwwecologia.blogspot.comHead of the club CIVIC EDUCATIONat High schools Our blog www.civiceducation.blogspot.com 11. English Teacher`s Association Of Georgia. ETAG Member, June 2007-present Assisted in daily 0ffice operations, acted as the administrative aid to the head, organized and managed the ETAG Sachkhere branch, created and implemented English Language trainings at the office. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF GEORGIA FUND DEAR LEAP competition in Integrated Lesson Plans The Winner of the project Private SchoolOtarid2003-2004. Taught the small groups of children reading and writing,planned and organized monthly concerts. 12.

  • The U.S. Department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, TEA-Program,
  • The Finalist, An exchange student in George Mason University, Washington D.C, USA
  • United States Peace Corps,,Georgia
  • English Language Teacher Training. March-2007.
  • Two day training covering topics such as lesson planning, test writing,and essay writing.
  • English Teacher`s Associacion ofGeorgia.ETAG, Sachkhere,Georgia
  • /MLLT/ More Learning Less Teaching part I June 2007
  • Twenty hour training on innovativeteaching methods and activitesfor the classroom,


  • English Teacher`s Associacion ofGeorgia.ETAG,
  • Sachkhere,Georgia
  • /MLLT/ More Learning Less Teaching part II June 2007
  • Twenty hour training on the best practices to expand fluence and listening comprehension.
  • USAID, J.S.I, Save The Children, Kutaisi,Georgia
  • Two day training on topic OUR HEALTHY LIFE April-2008
  • The ProjectIlia Chavchavadze, 2006 September
  • Two day training on topics lesson planning,assessment system,new methods of teaching and learning.
  • The ProjectIlia Chavchavadze, 2007 November
  • Two day training on topics Bloom Taxonomy, Developing Logical Thinking.
  • The ProjectIlia Chavchavadze, 2008 March
  • Two day training about the presentations and making projects.

14. Awards Peace Corps 2007 English Teacher Trainings CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION USAID, J.S.I , SAVE THE CHILDREN. CERTIFICATE for training courses Ardmore Language Schools, England, Eastbourne. CERTIFICATE for English Language Course British Council, English Teachers Association of Geargia CERTIFICATE FOR MLLT-I, MLLT-II. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF GEORGIA, Foundation Deer Leap CERTIFICATEfor participating in the summer conference. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF GEORGIA, Foundation Deer Leap CERTIFICATEfor participating in the national conference. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF GEORGIA, Foundation Deer Leap , IEARN/GEARN CERTIFICATE for publishing the projects on the web 2.0 blogs COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Word, Explorer, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop,PageMaker LANGUAGES E nglish, Russian 15. My Reflection About J.E.BStuart High School ESOLDepartment 16.

  • My Reflection About J.E.B Stuart High School
  • First of all I feel very fortunate to be sent to JEB Stuart high school as a teacher, and met excellent stuffof that school, My mentor, MrsDAVIS ESOL teacher, who gives me constant support and exquisite educational guidance, and Mrs. Ruth the head of ESOL department, whose enthusiasm helped fuel our lessons and working.
  • We went to school on Wednesday 29 of September. The day began with the tour of school and meeting in workroom. I was admired by the teachers attitude and devotion toward their students. As I noticed there is a big diversity in a school, there are a lot of students from central America, Guatemala, Honduras, etc. which makes a deep cultural difference, all of them have their traditions, and the way of living, but they, as well as the stuff of the schoolconstantly try to get on well to each other.
  • The schooldays are divided into different parts Red Days and Blue Days ,according to the traditional colors of the school, and the students have different lessons and different assignments for these days.
  • I learned many new teaching methods, Mrs Davis had very interesting agenda, warm up games, grammarreferences, and etc. the lesson was quite interesting. After lessons we went to the Guidance and Career Centre, where we had very interesting session about the school policy, dress code, student assistance program, how do the parents apply for the school, Mrs Ruth gave us very interesting books about teaching methods and lesson plans.

17. Now I want to let you know about our second visit at JEB Stuart high school. We began our working in PLATO, this is the name of the computer lab. Where we were given our passwords and contracts for using computers. We worked there a lot till 12 o`clockand we were able to write the tests of Master`s level, That tests gave us a lot of practice, experience, and self-confidence, we also visited the library ,they have enormous interesting books and looked them through. On that day I had an opportunity to meet other teachers and attend their classes, one of them was Mrs Capone, she teaches Science, her lessonwas so good and beautiful, I wished never ended it, she used the smart board during the lesson, Mrs. Capone has very interesting programwhich is