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  • Efforts of the Chinese government for promoting environmental innovation in

    the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy

    Cao YingChinese Academy for Environmental Planning

    Berlin, 2Oth Sep, 2007

  • 1.Main efforts of the Chinese government for promoting environmental innovation in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy

  • 3

    Main efforts (1)Accelerating structural adjustments

    Re-orientation of economic growth paradigm, from GDP-centered to a balanced approach

    Developing market mechanisms Removing distortions in market signalsNurturing energy efficiency services providers, (e.g., ESCos)Labling (case study)

    Improving technology and productivityInvesting in R&DStimulating indigenous innovationsTechnology transfer and adaptationEliminate the inefficient capacities and appliancesHuman resource accumulation for energy efficiencyInternational Cooperation

  • 4

    Main efforts (2)Strengthening the legal and regulatory framework

    Energy law, Energy-saving law, Renewable energy law, Electricity Lawe.g., Building Plans, codes, fuel efficiency standards

    Implementing policy measuresIncluding fiscal policies:

    The frame of fiscal policy system for EE have been built up Some tax on energy consumption are in discussion. Such as Fuel tax.Competitive biding for minimum subsidyRenewable energy feed-in-tariff

    Renewable energy promotion fundTrade of Renewable Energy Certificate

  • 2.The law ,regulations and plans established by Chinese government for promoting environmental innovation in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy lately

  • 6

    Special Programs and action-plans to improve energy efficiency in China (1)

    Ten initiatives as followingAmendment of the Energy Conservation Law

    Implementing the Medium and Long-term Plan of Energy


    Implementing Ten Key Projects for energy conservation

    Top-1000 Enterprise Energy Conservation Action Plan

    Creation of GDP/Energy consumption level reporting and

    releasing system

  • 7

    Special programs and action-plans to improve the energy efficiency in China (2)

    Energy efficiency labeling management directive

    Encouraging the development of energy saving and environmental friendly small engine vehicles

    Amendment of the Program on Energy Saving Technology Policies in China

    Program on the strengthening of resource Conservation in governmental agencies

    Formulating energy efficiency standard for the products in major energy

  • 8

    General Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Pollutant Discharge Reduction

    Published by China's State Council (2007,6)

    Set a target to reduce energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) by 20 percent and major pollutants discharge by 10 percent in the 11th five-year plan period ending 2010

    Link performance evaluation to the results of energy

    efficiency improvements

  • 9

    Renewable Energy Law

    Became effective on Jan. 1, 2006MilestoneSystems Established in the RE Law

    A system of government responsibility

    A system of public cost sharing

    A system of punishment and reward

  • 10

    Regulations issued so far

    Regulation and Management Measure of RE power (Jan. 2006 by NDRC)

    Regulation on Renewable Power Pricing and Cost Sharing (Jan. 2006 by NDRC)

    Guided Catalog of RE industry (Jan. 2006 by NDRC)

    Some national standards (Standard for solar building, Geothermal heat pump by Ministry of Construction, Standard for Solar PV power and wind turbines etc by Standardization Administration of China.)

    Fund earmarked for RE (May 2006, by Ministry of Finance)

    RE surcharge (July 2006, NDRC)

    National Middle and Long-term Plan for Renewable Energy Development (Sep 2006, NDRC)

  • 11

    Regulations to be issued

    11th-five-year Renewable Energy Development Plan

    Solar Building Economic Policy, etc

  • 12

    Regulations under draft

    Other national standards to be improved (Standardization Administration of China, Ministry of Construction) Resource surveyManagement regulations on various RE technologies (e.g. National Biomass Conference)Financing policies (tax, loan etc)

  • Thank you!

    Cao YingChinese Academy for

    Environmental Planning+86-10-84915115



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