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Passing Part 2 of the GED Writing Exam. Effective Essays. Welcome Students!!!(Please Read 1 st ). The following interactive presentation will provide you information about the following topics The 3 Major Parts for the GED Essay The Writers Checklist after your Essay is complete. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Effective Essays

IntroductionThe Introduction paragraph is meant to set the scene for your essay. Write something catchy that introduces the problem or scenario that you are writing about. This should be about 1-3 sentences in length.Next, write the Thesis statement of your essay, which basically means that you should state the topic in your own words and then answer it. This part should be about 1-2 sentences in length.

Welcome Students!!!(Please Read 1st)The following interactive presentation will provide you information about the following topics

The 3 Major Parts for the GED EssayThe Writers Checklist after your Essay is complete.The GED Writing RubricThere are also quizzes that you must pass before you begin your Essay for the GED practice test.GOOD LUCK!!!!! The introduction for this STAIR Project prepares students for what they should do in order to complete the lesson. This lesson is based on Language Arts, Writing for the GED test. This lesson also was developed in alignment with standards # 1 and # 4 of the NETS Student Standards.2Tips for Writing the Body ParagraphThe paragraphs that you write for the Body portion of your essay are meant to be the most important parts of the essay.Aim to provide 3 big ideas that support the thesis statement.Each idea should be at least one paragraph in length.Make sure that there is solid transitions in the paragraphs to connect the 3 big ideas to the overall theme of the essay. Retake Quiz # 3

ConclusionThe conclusion paragraph is the final paragraph of your essay. There are two options for concluding the essay:Tie your three ideas together and provide a statement on how they support your thesis.Briefly describe your feelings about the topic of the essay.

Examples for Writing Effective Body Paragraphs This link will provide you with a short video on how to write effective body paragraphs :



WRITERS CHECKLISTNow that you know the parts of an essay make sure that you answer the following questions once you evaluate your written draft of the GED essay

Conclusion ExamplesSample Conclusion 1In conclusion, I have gained a strong understanding for the manner in which reporters work. While most reporters must have a college degree to gain an on air position, some attain a position as a reporter based on their social connections or celebrity status. My plan is to work as a hard as I can and earn my degree then become a reporter at a local news station. I know it will not be an easy task[p,but I am prepared to do what I can to make my dream come into fruition. Sample Conclusion 2Most Urban schools are in need of more resources to reach higher levels of student achievement. Schools that continue to operate without highly qualified teachers, modern technology, and better support from the parents of their student s will be hard pressed to attain higher levels of student learning. Schools that fail to improve will only continue to leave children behind in today's society. CLICK ON ? FOR THE QUIZ

GED ESSAY WRITING RUBRICThe GED Writing Rubric is used by test administrators to evaluate learners essays correctly. Click on the link so you can discover how your essay will be graded:


Click on the Next button for the Final Quiz.Quick Quiz#2In the example here, which part of the essay is this most likely to be?News Reporters are those individuals that are responsible for going out into the field daily and gathering information to present 1:30 packages for air and online. They are responsible for bringing story ideas to the table as well as familiarizing themselves with editing and photography equipment. This essay will be about the reason why I would like to become a news reporter. This essay will also examine some the professional responsibilities that reporters must have to be considered successful in the news industry.

The IntroductionThe BodyThe ConclusionDoes your essay have an introduction, body, and conclusion?

Are all the sentence completed?

Is there at least 3 body paragraphs?

Is there at least 3-5 sentences per paragraph?

Is the point of view written from the same perspective throughout the essay?

Is there a thesis statement in the introduction paragraph?

Are all of the words in the essay spelled correctly?

Is there correct punctuation in all sentences?

Are all new paragraphs indented?

Final TipMake sure that you are able to answer all if not most of the questions on the Writers Checklist after you have completed your essay.

Click Next for The GED Writing Rubric

Final Quiz Which of the following questions was NOT listed on the Writers Check List?

Are all new paragraphs correctly edited?Is there at least 3-5 sentences per paragraph?Lesson Complete. Click on the Home Button