education for height modernization dr. stacey d. lyle, rpls

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  • Education for Height Modernization Dr. Stacey D. Lyle, RPLS
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  • Outline Publications Research Media Training Seminars GPS on Benchmarks Precise Digital Leveling Future Solutions
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  • Publication Research Purpose: Need for more research Meeting needs of surveyors and mappers Supporting United States Surveying and Mapping research in advanced surveying technology for Height Modernization Supporting Height Modernization Activities with new methods and technology
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  • Space Based RTK Space based RTK solutions GNSS- Institute of Navigation 2005 Purpose: Checking Vertical Monuments Communication Problem Real-time Networks 802.11x Option Radio Modem Option Internet Base Station GPS NTRIP Server Internet Satellite
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  • MapAdapt Real-time GIS server GIS data server Data sharing Public Domain Software Linux Windows MapServer
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  • TNRIS TNRIS GIS Conference Innovation Technology Height Modernization Texas Geographic Information Committee Control Base Layer Custodians
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  • Digital Level Data Collection Hand Held and Online Digital Data Collection and Data Processing Purpose: Improve Methodology Advance Collection and Quality
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  • Data Online Online Users Processing Service Digital Level Data OPUS- DLD Purpose: Ability to submit and reduce Digital Level Data Update methodology of level data reduction
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  • Handheld Digital Level Data Purpose: Build a software data collection system that meets NGS standards and promotes Accomplishments September 2006 NGS software specification meeting October 2006 NGS Software data reduction meeting Existing Control Survey Publish Control
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  • THM and TxDOT Digital Level Training Elevation on CORS Training March, 2006 2 day training Hands on data reduction Software data reduction
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  • GPS on Benchmarks Project: 100 points across state Precise GPS Training of RPLSs and field crews Data reduction and submission Purpose: Recover and determine status of elevations in Texas Improve NGS Geoid Models with GPS on Benchmarks
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  • GPS on Benchmarks Statewide training Con Ed 4 formal 8 hour training seminars Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Laredo Attendance: ~ 600 surveyors
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  • GPS on Benchmarks Topics GPS technology NGS NSRS NGS Project Submittal Memorandum 58 Memorandum 59 Monument Reset
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  • GPS Benchmarks OPUS Methodology Accuracy Results NAVD 88 Heights
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  • GPS on Benchmarks Elevation Benchmark Reset Monument Saved Before Lost or Obliterated Monument Building Monument Survey Digital Leveling Data Submittal
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  • Future Solutions Distributed Learning Web Seminar Software Solutions PmWiki PowerPoint Video Solution NGS PowerPoint's Online Exams
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  • Web Seminars Topics Monument Recovery Heights on CORS Digital Leveling Field Data Collection Digital Leveling Data Reduction GPS on Benchmarks
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  • Pedagogies Guide Video Examination Certification Wider Audience
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  • Conclusion What level of education is needed? What education is needed? How should education be conducted?