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Educational Tech 1


  • What is Ed Tech? 1

    What is Educational Technology?

    Dr. Marshall G. Jones

  • What is Ed Tech? 2

    What this class is about

    Technology and Active Participatory Learning

  • What is Ed Tech? 3

    New Attitudes; New Realities

  • What is Ed Tech? 4

    Educational Technology;Technology in Education

    Technology in education refers only to the use of devices that may be used in the classroom. Computers, sewing machines, lathes

    Educational Technology is a discipline It has a theoretical foundation It has guiding principles

  • What is Ed Tech? 5

    What is Educational Technology

    Not necessarily devices, also a process

    What technology had the greatest impact on Western Civilization?

  • What is Ed Tech? 6

    The Appropriate Response

    Three Field Crop Rotation.

    Birth rates sky rocketed More focus/time could be focused on leisure

    pursuits, such as reading and art Helped create a rise in urban civilization

    Paul Saettler, The Evolution of American Educational Technology

  • What is Ed Tech? 7

    A Brief & Sketchy History of Technology in the Classroom

    Edison & Film Radio Educational TV CBT; CAI; IVD Online Learning

    Bottom Line: Processes & Tools See Jones, Defining Educational Technology for

    Classroom Learning.

  • What is Ed Tech? 8

    Perspectives in Educational Technology

    Media & AV Communication Technology in Education Computers and Computer Systems Instructional Systems

  • What is Ed Tech? 9

    Media & AV Communication

    Technology as media TV, projected images, bulletin boards

    The design of messages that control the learning process

    How to put together media products that promote learning

  • What is Ed Tech? 10

    Technology in Education

    Students need to learn about technology Computer literacy

    The move from shop to CAD and Robotics ILS Technology Integration

    NETS Standards

  • What is Ed Tech? 11

    Computers and Computer Systems

    Evolved as computers did Initially very complex and

    done by programmers Becoming easier to do and

    taken on by mere mortals

  • What is Ed Tech? 12

    Instructional Systems

    Combines the teacher and media into an educational system

    3 Principles of a system Highly dependent on learning theories

    Behavioralist Cognitive

  • What is Ed Tech? 13

    What you need to know about perspectives

    What they are and a description of them They color your definition and perspective of

    Educational Technology I want you to think of Educational Technology as

    processes and tools

  • What is Ed Tech? 14

    What have we learned from the past

    Technology is not a panacea Computer literacy insufficient Teachers dont build technology curriculum Possible doesnt mean desirable It is hard for teachers to keep up Old technology can still work Teachers will always be important

  • What is Ed Tech? 15

    Why use technology?

    Because it solves a problem Many solutions for problems you dont have

    Which one is better: Teacher vs. video Video vs. Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) CAI vs. The Internet

    Consider some reasons

  • What is Ed Tech? 16

    Reason one: Motivation

    Gaining attention Engagement through production work Increased learner control Beware the novelty effect!!

  • What is Ed Tech? 17

    Reason two: Enhance Instruction

    Linking: Learners to information Learners to classes at a distance Learners to learning tools

    Tracking learner progress Educational Software Simulations

  • What is Ed Tech? 18

    Reason 3: Student & Teacher Productivity

    Saving time on production Grading and tracking

    students Providing faster access to

    information Saving money on


  • What is Ed Tech? 19

    Reason 4: Required skills in an information age

    Technology literacy Information literacy Visual literacy

  • What is Ed Tech? 20

    Educational Issues shaping technology use

    Standards movement Reliance on the Internet and distance education Debate over direct instruction vs. constructivist

    learning (see Roblyer, pages 21-22)

  • What is Ed Tech? 21

    Cultural issues shaping technology use

    Digital Divide Racial & gender equity Special needs See Roblyer, 22-23.

  • What is Ed Tech? 22

    Legal/ethical issues shaping technology use

    Viruses/hacking/security New plagiarism Privacy/safety Copyright Illegal downloading & piracy See Roblyer, page 24

  • What is Ed Tech? 23

    Emerging Trends that may shape technology use

    Wireless Merging technologies Portable devices High speed connections Visual immersion systems Intelligent applications See Roblyer, page 25

  • What is Ed Tech? 24

    What does all this mean?

    Technology is a part of our world It can be a part of our classrooms We need to decide how it can be used We need to decide when it can be used

  • What is Ed Tech? 25

    The End

    Last one. Take a break.