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EBOOKS Kendall e. Martin, ph. D. 1

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Where is the eBook revolution in education we have been waiting for ? What are the obstacles and motivators toward a printless future?


  • 1. EBOOKS Kendall e. Martin, ph. D. 1

2. LIBARARY BORROWING Daniel Pink 3. SCIENCE ON ENGAGEMENT SAYS: 4. DER SPIEGEL Presentation skills Communication at a distance Automation tools Integrated database tools Integrated citation formatting History of commented discussions andchanges Packaging and delivery options4 5. HOW ENGAGING? Autonomy Two person teams Mastery Skill set recognized as valuable Multiple assessments but all are oral presentations of skills Purpose Topic of personal relevance Topic of institutional relevance5 6. National Geographic 7. TOOLS Video tutorials Dropbox MS Office MS Office Live Adobe Acrobat Pro X portfolio7 8. LASSIE, GO GET HELP! Dr. Peter Scheponik Eng 102The Research Process ITunes U from our own talent:Dr. Hal Halbert Word Survival SkillsTerri Sullivan WordJerry Yarnetsky Plagiarism IM a Librarian Chat with a Librarian Embedded Librarian8 9. DISTRIBUTION amazon ibooks iTunes U new course design Stanford courses ? lending10 10. OFFICE Office available for home use at $79 from Ultimate StealOffice Live Online versions with same Office interface (basic) Free with licensed copy of Office 2010 11. TASKS1. Set up Dropbox account and share a folder with partner2. Create Outline Present it Ship it into PowerPoint to create skeleton of presentation deck1. Generate automatic Table of Contents2. Interact in revision process with partner at a distance and document revision history3. Build reusable electronic bibliography4. Include properly formatted citations5. Add Works Cited page6. Present as Word document, as pdf and as part of Adobe X Portfolio 12. OUTLINE Demo skills Take Word outline directly into PowerPoint slide deck FIRST ASSESSMENT CHECKPOINT Dropbox account Can share folders Created Word outline Demonstrate Outlinefeatures13 13. AUTOMATE TOC Use video tutorials like You Tube Microsoft Office site word-2010.com Update14 14. COMMENTING Track changes Display options Formatting Readability Indices SECOND ASSESSMENT CHECKPOINT Demonstrate they can display variousversions of a commented document Accept/Reject comments Identify where they collaborated at a distanceon papers content15 15. DB OF BIBLIOGRAPHY Citation formatting Database of all research resources Can distribute Source.xml Productive Geek Works cited generation16 16. FINAL PRESENTATION Word prep tools PDF as delivery format Adobe Acrobat X Pro portfolios FINAL ASSESSMENT CHECPOINT Present final paper in docx and pdf Navigate stored bibliography Update TOC, add index, modify works cited Prepare to deliver 17 17. MACS MS Office is very different Run in emulator Conversion guide to Mac Office Apple product Pages 18 18. To Foster Engagement. Autonomy Mastery Purpose Divergent thinking projects Teaming Oral presentations Latest tech tools in both software and hardwareReposition the research paper as a learningexperience that works on multiple levels andyou will engage more students.19 19. COMMENTS? [email protected] ATC 30520