Early antihypertensive therapy superior to delayed therapy

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  • Inpharma 1443 - 26 Jun 2004

    Early antihypertensive therapy is superior todelayed therapy in patients with isolated systolichypertension, and treatment must be initiated soonafter diagnosis to minimise preventable cardiovascularcomplications, according to a multinational group ofresearchers. The Syst-Eur* study included4695 patients (age 60 years) with untreated BP of160219mm Hg systolic and < 95mm Hg diastolic.**The patients were randomised to receive nitrendipine1040 mg/day (n = 2398) or placebo. Nitrendipinewas titrated to achieve systolic BP of < 150mm Hgand enalapril 520 mg/day, hydrochlorothiazide12.525 mg/day or both drugs could be added. After amedian follow-up of 2 years, the patients were invitedto continue (early treatment group), or initiate(delayed treatment group), the active treatmentregimen, and 3517 accepted. The rates of stroke andall cardiovascular complications were significantlylower in the early, than the delayed, treatment group,with a similar trend for total mortality. Early treatmentprevented 17 strokes or 25 major cardiovascularevents per 1000 patients over 6 years, compared withdelayed therapy.* Systolic Hypertension in Europe** The study was sponsored by Bayer AG, Germany.

    Staessen JA, et al. Effects of immediate versus delayed antihypertensivetherapy on outcome in the Systolic Hypertension in Europe Trial. Journal ofHypertension 22: 847-857, No. 4, Apr 2004 800976616


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