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Earliest Sports. By:Kingsley Ebirim Mike Trojan Will Harvel Mike Reichek Mike Hallstrom. Cock Fighting. Can be traced back to 6000 years ago in Persia Used gamecocks to fight each other These gamecocks are specially bred for stamina and strength - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Earliest Sports

Earliest SportsBy:Kingsley EbirimMike Trojan Will Harvel Mike ReichekMike HallstromCock FightingCan be traced back to 6000 years ago in PersiaUsed gamecocks to fight each otherThese gamecocks are specially bred for stamina and strengthThe roosters had special blades attached to their claws for extra harm to the other

Ancient Egyptians3000 BCFishermen's Joustfisherman took their boats into the Nile River and attempt to knock each other off of boatMany fishers were unable to swim so they would drownBoatmen would brutally attack each other

Mayan Sports 2000 BCThe Mayans had a game pre the Egyptians which looked like soccer but you were put to death if you lost.The Mayan form of soccer is the only form of sports that were recorded pre Greece .The Greeks were the first to fully record games, however they were all male sports.

Ulama3500 years oldrubber balls have been found that date back to 1600 B.C.object is to keep the ball in playhow to score, if other team:hits ball out of turn or miss ballknocks the ball out of boundstouches the ball with other body parttouches a team-matelets ball stop movingfails to announce score after they score

Ancient Greek Sports1100 BCBoxing Boxers fought without rounds until one manwas knocked out, or admitted he had beenbeaten no rule against hitting an opponent when hewas down No weight classes No gloves, just leather wrapping around hands

Chariot Racing 2-horse or 4-horse chariot races Course was 12 laps, 9 miles

RidingCourse was 6 laps, 4.5 milesseparate races for full-grown horses and foalsJockeys rode without stirrupsOnly wealthy people could afford sportbecause they had to pay for training and food

Pankration combination of boxing and wrestling Punches were allowed but the fighters did not wrap their hands Rules outlawed only biting and gougingan opponent's eyes, nose, or mouth withfingernails

Pentathalon 5-event combination of discus, javelin,jumping, running and wrestling Discus was made of stone, iron, bronze, orlead, and was shaped like a flying saucer Javelin was a man-high length of wood, witheither a sharpened end or an attached metalpoint Jump-Athletes used lead or stone jumpweights

Running 4 types of races at Olympia stadion was the oldest event of the Gameswhere runners sprinted the length of thestadium (stade, 192m) 2-stade race long-distance run which ranged from 7 to 24stades also a 2 to 4-stade race by athletes inarmor(50-60 lbs)

Wrestling an athlete needed to throw his opponent onthe ground, landing on a hip, shoulder, orback for a fair fall 3 throws were necessary to win a match Biting and genital holds were not allowed breaking your opponent's fingers werepermitted

Spartan GamesSparta was a city-state in GreeceEmerged around 1000 B.C.Known for their military power Most Spartans were not allowed to participate in the ancient Olympic GamesWarriors considered too powerful

Ancient Rome Sports750 BCGladiatorsprofessional fighters in ancient Rome who fought against each other, wild animals, and slaves, sometimes to the deathfirst recorded gladiatorial combats took place in Rome in 264 BCGladiators usually fought in pairs, that is, one gladiator against anotheraudience could request other combinations like several gladiators fighting together

BullfightingBullfighting is often linked to Rome where many human-versus-animal events were heldthe bulls weigh no less than 1,000 lbseach fight consisted of three matadores and two bulls per matadoreach matador had six assistance for help

CampusRoman Games (Field & Track) where played at the Campusfamous people such as Caesar and Augustus exercised on the Campusmen participated in foot racing, jumping, archery, wrestling and boxingWomen were not allowed to join in these games

Ball GamesVariety of ball games, including Handball (Expulsim Ludere), Trigon, Soccer, Field Hockey, Harpasta, Phaininda, Episkyros, Dodge Ball and CatchA form of soccer was also played, however it does not look like they played team soccerNewer SportsAfter 0Dog FightingA newer type of animal fightingCan be dated back to 240 A.D.Dogs are made to fight sometimes to the death

Papa HoluaMeans sliding to the pitOriginated in hawaii People would surfs down mountains & VolcanoesReach up to 50 mph down hillBecame too dangerous so people stop

What are some of the common characteristics of your selected topic during the time period of early man? Were they different across cultures?All the cultures had track and field, like running and jumping. also boxing and wrestling were common.What are some examples that reflect those characteristics?What does this topic say about the human experience during the time of early man?During early man violence was huge in rome.Greece was more about owning the best athletes.How does this topic during the time period of early man compare to our own? Today we still have track and field, boxing and wrestling, but new rules and regulations have been added. Also there are many more sports in the modern Olympics than there were in ancient times.


The Persians used gamecocks in there Cock fights?T/FTrue

Fishermans Joust took place in the Amazon River?T/FFalseNile RiverWhich sport would only rich people be able to participate in?RidingCost alot of money for training and animals foodGladiators where professional fighters in Ancient Rome?T/FTrueName 3 games that used balls?Field HockeyDodge BallSoccerIn dog fighting the animals fought to the death? T/FTrueWorks Cited

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