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  1. 1. Earliest HeroesEarliest Heroes Prometheus and IoPrometheus and Io EuropaEuropa PolyphemusPolyphemus Flower MythsFlower Myths
  2. 2. Prometheus and IoPrometheus and Io Characters:Characters: Prometheus-the wisePrometheus-the wise titan that wastitan that was punished by Zeus forpunished by Zeus for helping the mankindhelping the mankind Io the lover of ZeusIo the lover of Zeus that was turned into athat was turned into a cow in order tocow in order to escape the wrath ofescape the wrath of HeraHera
  3. 3. PlotPlot Prometheus was tied to aPrometheus was tied to a rock and everyday a crowrock and everyday a crow would eat his liverwould eat his liver Io was a lady turned intoIo was a lady turned into a cow in order to escapea cow in order to escape from Hera and wasfrom Hera and was destined to travel to adestined to travel to a great distancegreat distance
  4. 4. She was very miserableShe was very miserable because of her fate andbecause of her fate and on her way she meton her way she met PrometheusPrometheus Prometheus felt sorry forPrometheus felt sorry for Io that he told her aboutIo that he told her about her bright future and howher bright future and how the greatest hero ofthe greatest hero of Greece will be herGreece will be her descendantdescendant
  5. 5. SettingsSettings The rocky side of theThe rocky side of the sea wheresea where Prometheus wasPrometheus was boundbound
  6. 6. ThemeTheme Lifes journey andLifes journey and experiences doesntexperiences doesnt recognize therecognize the physical attribute ofphysical attribute of an individualan individual Whatever happensWhatever happens there is always hopethere is always hope The value ofThe value of sympathysympathy
  7. 7. EuropaEuropa Characters:Characters: Europa-the maidenEuropa-the maiden that Zeus fell in lovethat Zeus fell in love withwith Zeus- the god ofZeus- the god of lightning who fell inlightning who fell in love with Europalove with Europa
  8. 8. PlotPlot Zeus was looking downZeus was looking down from heaven whenfrom heaven when Aphrodite struck him withAphrodite struck him with an arrow and he fell inan arrow and he fell in love with the maidenlove with the maiden named Europanamed Europa While Europa was withWhile Europa was with the other maidens, Zeusthe other maidens, Zeus appeared to her in theappeared to her in the image of a golden bullimage of a golden bull
  9. 9. Europa rode the bullEuropa rode the bull through the ocean andthrough the ocean and though it was very fast,though it was very fast, Europa didnt feel scaredEuropa didnt feel scared for she knew that shefor she knew that she was in the presence of awas in the presence of a godgod Europa lived happily andEuropa lived happily and has never suffered fromhas never suffered from Heras wrathHeras wrath
  10. 10. SettingsSettings Mount Olympus where Zeus was residingMount Olympus where Zeus was residing The fields where Zeus appeared beforeThe fields where Zeus appeared before EuropaEuropa The ocean that the lovers travelledThe ocean that the lovers travelled
  11. 11. ThemeTheme Good things come toGood things come to people who put theirpeople who put their trust in the divinitytrust in the divinity
  12. 12. PolyphemusPolyphemus Characters:Characters: Polyphemus-a cyclopPolyphemus-a cyclop who was cruel andwho was cruel and bloodthirstybloodthirsty Odysseus- the hero ofOdysseus- the hero of the Odyssey thatthe Odyssey that outsmartedoutsmarted PolyphemusPolyphemus
  13. 13. PlotPlot Odysseus and hisOdysseus and his men decided to stopmen decided to stop by an island to restby an island to rest while travelling acrosswhile travelling across the seathe sea The cave theyThe cave they decided to crash indecided to crash in was owned bywas owned by Polyphemus whoPolyphemus who doesnt appreciatedoesnt appreciate guestsguests
  14. 14. He eats one of theHe eats one of the men at night andmen at night and decided another mandecided another man everytime.everytime. Odysseus outsmartedOdysseus outsmarted the cyclops bythe cyclops by blinding it and usingblinding it and using the sheep as coversthe sheep as covers in order to escape thein order to escape the islandisland
  15. 15. SettingsSettings Cave by the sea thatCave by the sea that is owned by theis owned by the cyclopscyclops
  16. 16. ThemeTheme The value of beingThe value of being able to think on yourable to think on your feetfeet Brute force andBrute force and strength doesntstrength doesnt guarantee victoryguarantee victory The person who usesThe person who uses his head and tacticshis head and tactics would usually comewould usually come out victoriousout victorious
  17. 17. Flower MythsFlower Myths
  18. 18. NarcissusNarcissus Characters:Characters: Narcissus- theNarcissus- the handsome youth whohandsome youth who fell in love withfell in love with himselfhimself Echo-the nymph whoEcho-the nymph who fell in love withfell in love with Narcissus and whoNarcissus and who was punished by onlywas punished by only repeating words thatrepeating words that are already utteredare already uttered
  19. 19. PlotPlot Narcissus was veryNarcissus was very handsome and yet he refusedhandsome and yet he refused to fell in love with anyone.to fell in love with anyone. One of the brokenheartedOne of the brokenhearted maiden prayed for him to fallmaiden prayed for him to fall in love with himselfin love with himself
  20. 20. He saw his reflection byHe saw his reflection by the river and fell in lovethe river and fell in love with himself. He fell intowith himself. He fell into the river and drownedthe river and drowned Echo was nymph who wasEcho was nymph who was in love with Narcissus whoin love with Narcissus who was helpless to warnwas helpless to warn Narcissus because sheNarcissus because she can only repeat words.can only repeat words. From the river whereFrom the river where Narcissus fell, a flowerNarcissus fell, a flower bloomedbloomed
  21. 21. SettingsSettings By the field and byBy the field and by the riverthe river
  22. 22. ThemeTheme The inability to loveThe inability to love was of worse fatewas of worse fate Vanity is dangerousVanity is dangerous
  23. 23. HyacinthHyacinth Characters:Characters: Apollo-god of truth,Apollo-god of truth, music and sunmusic and sun Hyacinth-a mortalHyacinth-a mortal friend of Apollofriend of Apollo
  24. 24. PlotPlot Apollo and Hyacinth wereApollo and Hyacinth were playing discuss when theplaying discuss when the west wind blew thewest wind blew the discuss and it struckdiscuss and it struck Hyacinth in the headHyacinth in the head resulting in his deathresulting in his death Apollo was filled with griefApollo was filled with grief and from the blood of hisand from the blood of his friend sprung a flowerfriend sprung a flower which he namedwhich he named HyacinthusHyacinthus
  25. 25. SettingsSettings By the fieldBy the field
  26. 26. ThemeTheme Love is how we stayLove is how we stay alive long after we arealive long after we are gonegone Death is inevitableDeath is inevitable
  27. 27. AdonisAdonis CharacterCharacter Adonis- theAdonis- the handsome youth whohandsome youth who was loved bywas loved by Aphrodite and wasAphrodite and was accidentally killed byaccidentally killed by a beara bear Aphrodite-goddess ofAphrodite-goddess of lovelove
  28. 28. PlotPlot Adonis was loved byAdonis was loved by Aphrodite and wasAphrodite and was usually under theusually under the guidance of Aphroditeguidance of Aphrodite One day, whileOne day, while hunting he camehunting he came across a bear whoacross a bear who attacked himattacked him
  29. 29. Aphrodite was tooAphrodite was too late and no matterlate and no matter how much shehow much she begged Hades, hebegged Hades, he wouldnt bring Adoniswouldnt bring Adonis back to life.back to life. From Adonis blood,From Adonis blood, sprang a flowersprang a flower
  30. 30. ThemeTheme Love is eternalLove is eternal Death ends a life not a relationshipDeath ends a life not a relationship Even gods cannot defy deathEven gods cannot defy death