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  • 1.ERGIT 100:A NEW TRACTOR CONCEPTAntonio Carraro SPA produces specialized tractors for professionals wishing to experiencethe emotion of owning something unique and precious that is guaranteed by a one-hundred-year-old brand at the cutting-edge of Italian Style.The Ergit 100 series is a new tractor concept. It is the outcome of a construction philosophy based onengineering simplification and the selection of top quality components; factors that allow the companyto give these models a 2-year warranty. The care taken in design assures a pleasant and relaxed drivingexperience. It is not only attractive, but also performance enhancing as it allows for total operatorvisibility in all directions and ease when working in small spaces. The engines, with power outputs from70 to 100 hp, offer exceptional torque and power levels combined with lower fuel consumption. Thebodywork is painted with environmentally-friendly hydrosoluble enamels. Each technical solution isthe result of choices that are based on socio-environmental benefits in terms of reduced pollution andnoise levels.

2. SRX: the superspecialized articulated tractorSRX is a superspecialized tractor which can work incramped spaces, between rows of crops, in orchards,vineyards, nurseries, and on flat or sloping terrain. SRX is areversible isodiametric (4 same size tires) tractor featuringan articulated chassis and peerless agility and handiness. Itslow center of gravity assures unmatched stability. This is dueto its finely-tuned engines and constant ground adherence,which is ensured by the projecting engine configuration andthe 4-wheel drive, SRX enjoys a stable trim in all conditions.Its extraordinary versatility is achieved by its reversibledriving position: the vehicle can change position in orderto use an extensive range of plowing, pruning, treatment,harvesting, towing and material handling equipment. Theergonomic controls simplify work and eliminate operatorfatigue and stress. 3. DESIGNTECHNOLOGYINNOVATION 4. MANY TRACTORS IN ONEMULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: all-in-oneThe use of SRX can be changed thanks to the integratedlifting, hydraulic system, and PTO assembly. All of whichmake it possible to rapidly interchange the towing or frontalequipment that can also be mounted together. Plows, tillers,forklifts, vine trimmers, excavators, reach mowers, trailers, 5. sprayers and shredders are just some of the more commonimplements that can be used with the Ergit 100 series oftractors. The tires are interchangeable, as every type of terrainrequires its own tire that can optimize tractor performance.Dimensions and clearances are other factors that can extendthe multi-functionality of SRX by making them perfect foroperating in tight spaces. 6. AC TRACTORTRADITIONAL TRACTOR 7. ACTIO, This Full Chassis with Oscillation is comprised of asolid cast-iron chassis fixed to the axles and housing the tractortransmission. It features a central joint with a longitudinaloscillation of up to 15. The two oscillating ends follow thecontour of the terrain independently, thus assuring stabilityand traction at all times. The constant adherence of the tiresto the ground allows engine power to be entirely transferredto the ground, thus increasing performance and safety. TheACTIO chassis requires aprojectingengine configuration inorder to assure a low center of gravity and an equal division ofthe weight of the tractor: 60% on the front axle; 40% on therear axle. This is an ideal balance with implements attached asit distributes 50% of the weight on each axle.Thanks to its 45 front and rear reducers, SRX has a longwheelbase and a reduced projection of the engine: featureswhich guarantee greater stability in all work phases to operatewith maximum safety levels and driving comfort.ACTIO: the exclusive chassis designed by Antonio Carraro+ Stability: low center of gravity with 4 wheel drive+ Safety: peace of mind+ Comfort: driving position centered over chassis oscillation+ Handiness: wide articulation > reduced turning radius+ Adherence: equal division of weight+ Traction: 4 drive wheels always firmly in contact with the ground 8. VERSATILITYCREATIVITYSAVINGRGS: two sides of the same coinRGS Rev-Guide System, is the AC reversible driving systemon a rotating turret which inverts the driving direction in just afew seconds in order to work efficiently with towed or frontalequipment. Simply turn the seat/steering wheel/dash/pedalassembly 180 for an identical, but reverse, driving direction.If equipped with a Joystick*, all the auxiliary controls remainin an ergonomic position. The RGS system is an integral partof the tractors multifunctional feature. It simplifies use andimproves the precision and quality of performance.+ Comfort: simple and intuitive RGS system without double controls+ Visibility of equipment: driving position in the center of the vehicle, in both directions+ Versatility: greater profitability of tractor*optional 9. Low center of gravity, constant contact, stability, efficientbraking and protected driving position are just some of theactive safety features not to mention the passive features,such as quality of components, design, and eco-friendlyengines. The braking system is comprised of 4 hydraulically-controlled, self-adjusting disc brakes in an oil bath whichassures emergency braking modularity and reliability evenwhen the front axle is disengaged. The overall safety of thevehicle has allowed it be approved for speeds of up to 40 Km/h(25 mph). The rear three-point lift features controlled positionand force of the implement, which optimizes adherence ofthe tractor, such that it always staysglued to the ground. Thevehicle and its equipment follow the contour of the terrainwithout lifting, thus assuring maximum efficiency.The electro-hydraulically controlled differentials lock at the rear and thefront and rear in order to prevent slippage and assure thatthe tractor tires always have traction. The driving positionis located at the center of the vehicle and features a roll-baror cab approved to safety standards to ensure maximumoperator protection.SAFETY: active and passiveAC TRACTOR TRADITIONAL TRACTOR 10. ERGONOMICS & COMFORTThe tapered and racy design helps the tractor to maneuverin fields and increases operator visibility of the equipmentand the surrounding terrain. The spacious driving positionis easy to access and protects the operator. The operatingstation is suspended on silent-block, which absorbvibrations and dampen noise.Thanks to the ACTIO Chassis, the driving positioncoincides with the center of oscillation of the tractor.Sideways jerking and stress are very limited and operatorfatigue is reduced, even after many hours. The on-boardinstrumentation is elegant, functional and intuitive:backlit anti-reflection screen for nighttime use; on-offinformation system; digital tachometer and PTO revcounter; and electro-hydraulic pushbutton controls. 11. + Efficiency: Reduced fatigue & increased tractor performanceThe lighting equipment, integrated into the mudguards, iscomprised of reflecting parabolic optical assemblies, whichoffer a wide range of illumination covering the roadway,the equipment, and the surrounding field. Maintenance ispractical and fast thanks to the fact that the bonnet can befully opened and the side panels and battery cover can beeasily removed.AC TRACTORSILENT-BLOCKTRADITIONAL TRACTOR 12. STEERING: precise and tightThe wheelbase, the limited external width and the articulatedframe make the tractor very agile between crop rows. Thesmooth and sensitive hydroguide steering wheel assuresprecisemaneuveringonsteepslopes,incrosswaysmovements,in bottlenecks, among crop rows and in car parks.The hydraulic hydroguide system is independent, powered byits own hydraulic pump and fitted with an oil-filtering system.+ Handiness: comfortAC TRACTOR TRADITIONAL TRACTOR 13. MACHINE AND EQUIPMENT: an integrated technological systemThe integrated lifting - hydraulic system - PTO assembly canmount a large variety of implements at both the front andrear. The lift is a single group with vertical cylinders, featuringa 3-point hitch, a pump and an independent hydraulic system.The large and rear lift, featuring a great lifting capacity, is fittedwith extendible bars and width-adjustable snap-on hooks(Cat.1 - Cat.2). 14. + Practicality: engagement facilitated by the cardan shaft+ 2 Speeds: fuel saving+ Comfort: the PTO can be engaged while the tractor is moving+ Efficiency: less heat build-up+ Multifunctionality: hydraulic engines run at a constant speed+ Functionality: engagement without stalling the engine+ Lifetime: safeguard of PTO shaft+ Comfort: less operator stressMACHINE AND EQUIPMENT: an integratedtechnological systemThe front* lift optimizes combined processes such as, forexample, a front vine trimmer with a rear shredder or aside-shoot remover; a front shredder with a rear between-row mower. The clutch of the PTO with an electro-hydraulicprogressive engagement command features a safety buttonfor preventing involuntary starting and stopping the enginewith the PTO engaged. 15. *optionalJoystick-controlled* vertical hydraulictie-rod for practical adjustments from thedriving position.11 rear quick-couplers, 6 of whichreplicated at the front (opt).Height-adjustable tow hook.The front PTO* (1000 rpm) with electro-hydraulic controls and progressiveengagement with safety button ismaintenance free.Hydraulic system with 4 double-actingmanifolds, 1 single-acting, 1 continuousflow manifold + oil return tap.The front lift* optimizes work combinedwith rear tools.Two speed PTO: 540 rpm, 540 E (750 rpm)and synchronized with gear speeds. ThePTO shaft of the ASAE 1 3/8 type is thesame for all speeds.The rear differential lock prevents slippingand optimizes traction. The front tractiondisengagement is useful when travellingalong roads and prevents damage frombeing done to delicate grounds. 16. COMFORTVISIBILITYSAFETYThis original and approved AC product features a