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  • Shabda-da, we will always miss you...

    The writing and artwork herein were produced by and for Saikat members and their depend-

    ents and do not represent the opinion or position of any person other than the creator.

    COPYRIGHT 2008 by Saikat

    All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by

    any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any infor-

    mation storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher


    Printed in the United States of America

    Cover Design: Sheta Chatterjee

    Shabda-da was the founder of Saikat and one of the most prominent community figures in San

    Diego. Though he will be heavily missed by all of us, he will remain in our heart forever.

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    SAIKAT 2008 Executive Profile. 2

    Editors Column ..... ... 3

    Presidents Column.. 4

    Vice presidents Column. 5

    Treasurer Account .. 6

    Saikat 2008 Members Directory..... 7

    List of Donors and Sponsors for Durga Puja......... 8

    2008 Durga Puja Acknowledgments ................. 9

    2008 Durga Puja Schedule: Friday 3rd Oct. Program Highlights...... 10

    2008 Durga Puja Schedule: Saturday 4th Oct. Program Highlights...... 11

    Durga Puja and Its Socio-Philosophical Importance by Swami Swahananda........ 13

    San Diego Community Library Note by Judy(Dipali) Chatterjee..... 15

    My Robot by Mayukh Raha.......... 15

    A Journey from Calcutta to Kolkata, A documentary directed by Debasis Choudhuri 16

    The Monty-Hall Problem An Interesting Paradox by Robi Bhattacharjee... 17

    My Summer 2008 in the Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Ankush Banerjee..... 18

    Memories from Sunder-Bon by Sarah Bhattacharjee .... 19

    Poem by Sonali Mukherjee..... 20

    Bengali poem Shaktirupenaby Sumana Chakraborty......... 21

    Saikat 2007-2008 events highlights ... 22

    Bengali article Aschhe Bachhar abar hobe by Saswata Talukdar.. 24

    Sketches by Varundhara Sengupta .... 26

    Bengali article Sukhi by Anindita Sengupta... ....... 27

    Mukti is a Journey towards freedom by Gayatri Pal.. 31

    My Trip to India by Neil Bhattacharjee....... 33

    A soaking experience by Sayan Ray Chaudhuri.. 34

    Sketch by Sauharda Choudhuri........ 34

    Steve by Aurpon Gupta............. 34

    The Great Himalayan Mountains by Shraman Ray Chaudhuri...... 34

    Sketches by Ahana Chakraborty, Rini Khatuya, Ritam Mishra..... 35

    Ma Durga by Ritobrita Mishra....... 35

    Poems by Sumana Mahata, Sayan Chatterjee, Anushree Choudhuri. 36

    Sketches by Ayush Banerjee... 36

    I am poems by Shibangi Pal, Antoripa Dey, Sampreeti Choudhuri... 37

    Myself by Ahana Chakraborty.. 37

    Ma Durga by Srijan Chakraborty.... 38

    Bengali article Prabaase Nemantanna by Indrani Talukdar.. ..... 39

    Bengali poem Anka Pariksha by Hari Khatuya....... 40

    San Diego Bengali Community memebrs contact information (partial list only)... 43

    San Diegos local Indian shop and business directory 44

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    Executive Committee

    President Easeeta Ray Chaudhuri president@saikat.org

    Vice President Gautam Bandyopadhyay vice-president@saikat.org

    General Secretary Banikumar Maity secretary@saikat.org

    Treasurer Sudeshna Chatterjee treasurer@saikat.org

    Activity Coordinator Avijit Chakraborty cultural-secretary@saikat.org

    Food Coordinator Abhijit Chatterjee food@saikat.org

    Technological Consultant Animesh Datta anidatta@gmail.com

    Youth Coordinator Snighdha Paul snighdhapaul@hotmail.com

    Nupur Gupta roy.nupur@gmail.com

    Members at large Jayraj Kumarswamy kumarswamuj@yahoo.com

    Soma Mishra somamishra_c@yahoo.com

    Community Outreach Chandana Sur psur1@cox.net

    Tie-Breaker (Ex-President) Pijush Dewanjee pijush@sbcglobal.net

    Board of Advisors

    Amiya Chatterjee amiya_chatterjee@hp.com

    Jagadish Sirkar jsircar@avanir.com

    Sushil Mahata smahata@ucsd.edu

    Susan Roy shabdaroy@san.rr.com

    Saikat Website: http://www.saikat.org

    Join Saikat email list: http://www.saikat.org/join

    Saikat Group Email: members@saikat.org

    Online Color copy of this 2008 brochure:


    Send your feedback to: feedback@saikat.org

    Saikat 2008 Executive Profile


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    From the Editors Desk

    Dear Friends,

    Welcome to Saikats third Durga Puja for two days of adda, ganer jalsa, natak and ofcourse anjali

    and Puja at Oak Valley Middle School, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego. I sincerely believe that Saikats 2008

    Durga Puja is going to be bigger and more enjoyable experience to all of us. Saikats 2008 Durga Puja bro-

    chure tries to capture festive mood of our community through creation of the young generations and wisdom

    of the seniors. This year we have introduced several features in the brochure to make it more attractive and

    valuable. We have included Saikats members directory. Additionally weve started listing San Diego Ben-

    gali community members contact information (address, phone and/or email) based on a recent online survey

    responses. This year were also publishing some of great community initiatives like Mukti NGOs activi-

    ties (page 28), useful information on San Diego Community library (page 14), information on a documen-

    tary film titled A Journey from Calcutta to Kolkata (page 15). We have added a section pictorially sum-

    merising Saikats key activities during past one year. Finally at the end we provided a compilation of popu-

    lar Indian shops/businesses around San Diego, CA for your handy reference. We belive these new features

    will be very helpful for Saikats community members.

    Though Ive tried my best to review the entire brochure proof before it goes to printing, but Im sure

    there are still some errors/typos that escaped my review. Due to tight time constraint very limited proof read-

    ing was possible this time. I apologize in advance for any un-intentional error that may still exist. Please help

    us by sending your feedback in writing to feedback@saikat.org.

    I like to convey special thanks to Diya for helping me in cover design, brochure template compilaton

    inspite of her busy study schedule. I also thank all the contributors for their time and energy to make this

    happen. Thank you for coming and supporting Saikats activities.


    Animesh Datta, Editor of Saikat 2008 Puja brochure


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    Letter from President

    Dear Friends,

    On behalf of Saikat, the Bengali Organization of San Diego, I welcome you all to this years Durga

    Puja. Durga Puja celebrates the triumph of Shakti, the sustaining force of the good in the Universe, over the

    inharmonious and evil. It is also another opportunity for the Bengali Diaspora to exhibit their creativity

    through music, dance, drama, other cultural engagements and culinary excellence.

    As part of Saikats scheduled activities throughout the year, in 2008, we celebrated the Saraswati

    Puja in February, followed by Holi in March, Annual Picnic in May, and Krishti in August. This year in

    Krishti, Saikat presented an enthralling musical evening with Lopamudra Mitra, the highly acclaimed Ben-

    gali singer from Kolkata, India. During the year, Saikat also reached out to other literary, artistic and reli-

    gious entities of San Diego and surrounding areas to promote and support Bengali history, tradition and cul-

    ture. Among these outreach activities were a devotional musical show at the Vedanta Society of Hollywood,

    as well as the support of two major events at the San Diego Museum of Arts a seminar on the life of

    Rabindranath Tagore and an exhibition of the paintings of Acharya Nandalal Bose. Saikat was also promi-

    nent among the organizations whose programs were featured at this years Unity in Diversity event in San

    Diego. In the spirit of keeping the Bengali tradition alive in our adopted homeland, I call upon the San

    Diego Bengali community to continue such outreach efforts in the future.

    Members of our Executive Committee have been working extra hard throughout the year to

    ensure grand success of all Saikats endeavors, including this years Durga Puja. Generous support and con-

    tribution from the local business community as well as individual donors, sponsors, well wishers and volun-

    teers have made 2008 Durga Puja celebration possible. I personally would like to thank members of the

    Executive Committee, members of the Board of Advisors, our many donors and sponsors, and all the volun-

    teers for their continuous dedicated support.

    As you all are aware 2009 is our election year. We will be electing a new Exe


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