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  • 1.District Spatial Plan - Thrissur LAND USE71Chapter 5LAND USE Use of a percent of land is indicated by the pre- analysis limited to that extent.dominant activity be it agriculture, residential, com- 5.1 LAND USE PATTERN OF KERALA STATEmercial, forest etc, for which the land is put to. Hencethe analysis of the existing land use is inevitable toBased on the land use data of the Natural Re-understand the predominant economic activities of an sources and Enviornmental Data Base the Land use ofarea as well as the availability of vacant land for future Kerala can be categorized under 9 Major categories andeconomic activities. In order to spatially analyze the the percentage share of these categories is shown inland use pattern and economic activity as well as link-Table (5.1) and Fig 5.1. Accordingly predominant landages between them land use survey in all the 99 LSGs inuse of the state is a mix of residential and agriculturalthe district has to be completed. However this will take which constitute 48.38 % total Land area. It can be fur-considerable time period. The source of the data is from ther seen that Forest area of the state contribute nearlySatellite Data from IRS P6 LISS-IV Mx/ LISS- III/23.18 % of the total area making the forest land use asPAN 2003-04 (India Satellite Data). The Data forms part second highest land use of the state. The Agriculturalof the Natural Resources and Environmental Data Base Land use and plantation land use together constitute(NREDB). The Data on Land Use has been procured from 20.18% (Agricultural 10.17% and plantation 10.01%) ofKerala State Land use Board. The above data base istotal area. The above analysis further support the realpredominantly agriculture oriented and as such the to ground peculiar scenario of the state in terms of ur-Table 5.1: Land use break-up Kerala State SI No Land use Category% Of Total Area1Forest23.182Water bodies2.923Marshy Land 0.284Residential 3.455Agriculture 10.176Plantation10.017Res/Agr Mix 41.388Other Built up Land Use 0.489Others8.13 Total100.00 Source: Natural resources and enviornmental data base of Kerala Department of Town & Country Planning, Kerala

2. 72 LANDUSE District Spatial Plan - Thrissurban rural continuum, highly scattered settlement pat- of land under intense residential land use. Water bod-tern, and traditional homestead type of development ies and forest also has a significant share (88.58 and8.13%23.18% 41.38 x 10.17% 10.01% Source: Natural resources and enviornmental data base of KeralaFig 5.1: Land use breakup Kerala Stateindividual house surrounded by agricultural 772.86 sq km respectively) in the land use of the dis-land mainly of mixed crop cultivation.trict.5.2 LAND USE BREAK UP OF THRISSURDISTRICTTotal area of the district is 3035 Sq.km.The breakup of land use area of the Districtwith its percentage to total area of the Dis-trict is shown in Table 5.2 and Fig. 5.2. Theland use map of the district is shown in Fig.5.3 The highest percentage of land use fallsunder the category Residential / Agriculturalmix, which include mainly dry agriculturelands where in residential developments areco-existent. The district consists of 353.65 sqkm of pacca agricultural land and 31.53 sq km Fig 5.2 : Percentage of land use breakupDepartment of Town & Country Planning, Kerala 3. District Spatial Plan - Thrissur LANDUSE73Table 5.2: Land use breakup Thrissur DistrictSI No. Land useArea (Sqkm)Percentage1 Forest772.86 25.462 Water bodies 88.582.923 Kole Land32.621.074 Residential31.531.045 Agriculture 353.65 11.656 Plantation159.355.257 Res/Agr Mix1544.90 50.898 Other Built up Land Use19.670.659 Others 32.461.07Total3035.63 100.00Generated from NREDB of the StateMap Generated for IDDP by TCPD, Thrissur UnitFig 5.3: Land use map Thrissur District From the analysis of land use of the district it is %) and agriculture (11.65 %). The glaring aspect of theclear that, the major portion of the total land area ofland use is that the district is blessed with potentialthe District is coming under three major uses Resi- resources such as agricultural land and forest.dential / Agricultural mix (50.89 %), forest land (25.46 Department of Town & Country Planning, Kerala 4. 74 LANDUSEDistrict Spatial Plan - Thrissur5.3 REGIONAL LAND USE STUDY district the predominant land use is mix of residential Clearly the process of land use analysis of Thrissur and agriculture. The comparison of category wise landDistrict shall starts with an insight to the whole Kerala use with that of Kerala shows that the share of totalstate and neighboring Districts (Malappuram, Palakkad Kole land in Kerala is high in Thrissur District. The shareand Ernakulam). In this section an attempt has been of Residential / Agricultural land use category is also onmade compare the land use pattern of Thrissur Districtthe higher compared to state.with the state as well as with surrounding districts of The comparison of Land use pattern of ThrissurPalakkad, Ernakulam and Malappuram. Land use pat- District with neighbouring Districts (Malappuram,tern of Thrissur in comparison with Kerala state is shown Palakkad and Ernakulam), is shown in Table 5.3.in Table 5.3. From the table, it is clear that within the Table 5.3 Comparison of Land use break up of Thrissur District and Kerala state SI No Land use Area% of Percentage of the( sqkm) total corresponding areain the Dist.in the state 1 Forest772.8625.46 23.18 2 Water bodies 88.58 2.922.92 3 Marshy Land32.62 1.070.28 4 Residential31.53 1.043.45 5 Agriculture 353.6511.65 10.17 6 Plantation159.35 5.25 10.01 7 Res/Agr Mix1544.9050.89 41.38 8 Other Built up Land Use19.67 0.650.48 9 Others 32.46 1.078.13 Generated from NREDB of the State Table 5.4 Land use break - comparison with Neighbouring DistrictsSI NoLAND USEErnakulamThrissur Palakkad Malappuram 1 Forest 661.02772.86 1263.90643.13 2 Water bodies 174.58 88.58123.42 57.05 3 Kole Land 0.0032.624.58 11.87 4 Residential233.53 31.53 12.05 18.14 5 Agriculture275.26353.65755.55252.27 6 Plantation 174.82159.35208.59138.19 7 Res/Agr Mix 1483.611544.901813.062159.13 8 Other Built up Land Use 3.4019.67 56.75 19.79 9 Others 37.8732.46231.08252.30 Total 3044.093035.634468.983551.87 Generated from NREDB of the StateDepartment of Town & Country Planning, Kerala 5. District Spatial Plan - ThrissurLANDUSE75 Comparison of the percentage of share Forestland use of Thrissur District and neighbouring threeDistricts shown in Fig. 5.4. The figure clearly showsthat Palakkad District has the highest share where asThrissur is placed in the second position.Fig 5.6 Comparison of the percentage share of land marked as Marshy Land of the state in Thrissur and surrounding district Fig 5.4 Comparison of the percentage share of Forest Land use of the state in surrounding districtsThe percentage of Forest Land Use of each dis-trict is shown in Fig.5.5 . Palakkad district shows high-est percentage (28.28%) followed by Thrissur. (25.46%).Ernakulam and Malappuram shows less percentage offorest land comparing to Thrissur Dist.Fig 5.7 Percentage share of Marshy Land - Comparison withsurrounding districts Residential land use which include landusescategorised as Mixed Built-up/Mixed Built-up con-verted from paddy, Residential, and Residential (Con-verted from Paddy) shows higher concentration inErnakulam District with 18.62% of the total area underthis category in the state. The corresponding share ofThrissur District is only 2.51%. At the same time it isFig 5.5 Forest Land use comparison with surrounding districts higher than the corresponding shares of Palakkad andIn case of land depicted as Marshy land in theMalappuram District (fig. 5.8).data base Ernakulam has no land under this categorywhere as Thrissur shows highest contribution of about31.82% of the total area under this category in the state(fig. 5.6).The percentage of Marshy land of each district isshown in fig. 5.7 The figure shows that Thrissur districtshows highest percentage (1.07 %). It is observed thatthe Kole lands of the district is categorised as Marshyland as per NREDB. Hence the percentage share ofFig 5.8 Comparison of the percentage share of Residentialmarshy land in Thrissur district is reported to be high.Land Use in district of Kerala - Thrissur and Surrounding District Department of Town & Country Planning, Kerala 6. 76 LANDUSE District Spatial Plan - Thrissur The percentage of Residential Land use ofThrissur & Surrounding Districts is shown in Fig. 5.9 Thefigure shows that Ernakulam district shows highest per-centage (7.67%) followed by Thrissur. (1.04%).Malappuram and Palakkad shows lowest percentages. Fig 5.11 Percentage share of Agriculture land use - Thrissur &Surrounding districtThe percentage share of Plantation Land Use in Thrissur & surrounding districts is shown in Fig. 5.12. The figure shows that Ernakulam district shows highest Fig 5.9 Comparison of Percentage share of Residential landuse in Thrissur & Surrounding Districtspercentage (5.74%) . Among the near by district Thrissur In case of wet agriculture land use Palakkad showsfall under 2nd position.dominance (20.45%) within whole Kerala State andThrissur has a share of 9.57% of agricultural land in the5.74%5.25% 4.67%state Fig. 5.10 38 %.9Fig 5.12 Comparison of Plantation Land use Thrissur &Surrounding district Res / Agri mix category mainly include dry agri- culture land uses. Comparing to the other districts of Kerala, Thrissur and surrounding three districts show highest (Fig. 5.13) concentration of mix of residential Fig 5.10 Comparison of the percentage share of Agricultural and agricultural land uses.Land use of the State - Thrissur & surrunding districtThe comparison of percentage of AgricultureLand Use of each district is shown in Fig.5.11. The fig-ure shows that Palakkad district shows highest per-centage (16.91%) and Thrissur District is in second po-sition (11.65%) followed by Ernakulam andMalappuram. Fig 5.13 Comparis