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1. Dog for sale: French BulldogBlack, mouse, liver, black and tan, black and white, and white with black are usually notallowed.Personality and TemperamentIts a very critical dog, but effectively behaved. It rapidly adapts to its house life and is snugwith any age of person from the young to the previous making them comfy companions.Theyre affectionate, and have a fair disposition; theyre generally active, and playful whilenot boisterous.They dont bark much, and dont require loads of train (however do watch their diet so thatthey dont get too chubby!).The French Bulldog although could be stubborn and show to housebreaking. But althoughcussed, the French Bulldogs candy disposition makes him keep in mind what he is taught.He responds well in case you are patient with him, persistent in training, and reward himwhen he does one thing right with food!Show CharacteristicsJudges look for a compactly constructed muscular canine of heavy bone, and of medium orsmall structure. Its expression ought to be clever and alert; curious and interested. Thecanine ought to be in proportion that means distance from withers to ground, and withers totail, so the canine has a well-balanced look.Its head is giant and square with a kind pug nose and unfastened black lips that cover itsteeth. Its muzzle is broad and highly effective; and it has a pronounced stop. The FrenchBulldogs eyes are dark, spherical, and calmly protruding as theyre huge apart and set lowdown in the skull. The ears are bat ears broad on the base and set excessive up on thepinnacle, but not close together.The neck is thick with free pores and skin (a dewlap) at the throat. Its physique is brief andwell rounded, with a again that is brief and powerful while broad at the shoulders andnarrower at the hips. The chest is deep and broad, properly ribbed with a tuck up in the belly.The tail might be straight or screwed (but not curly) and carried low.Its legs are short, muscular and powerful, with the hind legs longer than the forelegs. Its ft areaverage in size and compact, with the hind toes slightly longer than the forefeet.Within the ring the French Bulldog ought to possess all the personality and temperamenttraits as noted above. 2. Typical Health ConcernsOne other drawback is compacted airways, so many French Bulldogs wrestle to breathe inhot or humid weather. In the course of the hotter months they have to be kept in air-conditioning and supervised throughout exterior activity so they do not over-exert themselvesand become overheated.If they get too scorching, theyll die. Additionally Due to the French Bulldogs flat face andbrief muzzle, they have respiratory difficulties and can be heard snorting, snuffling andsniffling many of the time.As a consequence of their size and weight, an increased number of French Bulldogs arebeginning to undergo from joint ailments, spinal issues and coronary heart defects.GroomingBecause the French Bulldog is a single-coat, short-haired dog, it can stand a light-weightbrushing once every week and a shammy to provide it a fast shine. If the canine is notoutdoors lots, then it solely wants a shower as soon as a month throughout the hottermonths, and each other month in the course of the cooler months.Every day examine their eyes for any discharge, nose for any crusting, and ears for wax ordirt. puppies for sale