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    Editor: Theo KoekemoerBased in South AfricaTheos involvement with Bulldogs date back to eary 1970sHe is a specialist Bulldog judge.

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    Name: CH RENAUR DORIAN REDOwner: Rudi Cabrijan (Croatia) Date of birth: 21.02.2010.Sire: Renaur Burzhua Bruno Dam: Butsefal Buffy DelacroixTitles: International Champion Croatian Junior Champion Solvenian Junior Champion Serbian Junior Champion Baltic Champion Azerbaijan Champion Champion of Mediterranean Hungarian Champion Austrian Champion Cyprus Champion Montegro Champion Bulgarian Champion Macedonian Champion Serbian Champion Croation Champion Bosnia & Herzegovina Champion Moldavian Champion Uzbekistan Champion Zagreb Junior Winner Slovenian Junior Winner Macedonian Club Winner 2011 Toy breeds club Zagreb junior champion 2011 Toy breeds club Zagreb champion 2011

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  • I am extremely greatful for the wonderful support for this magazine, from Argentina to Peru to Canada to the UK to South Africa! I ask myself often why am I doing all of this - some of the reasons are:

    As a breeder I am very grateful for your words and act

    I saw everything and heard everything, saw that this crazy show world is not always nice, sometimes cruel, many jealous people going around, seeing people who doesnt know how to loose with dignity

    I wanted to tell that there is enough place for everyone of us. And wanted to say that there is a chance even for us beginners who are breeder owner handlers

    Yes! There is enough space for all of us! Especially to beginners, I trust this magazine gives beginners the chance to showcase their dogs. And to experienced breeders - there is enough space in this magazine to show-case your dogs too!. Ads are FREE provided you use a professional de-signer (We have an excellent team of designers on our panel) but you are also welcome to use your own). Email address for ads: Deadline for next issue: 15 May 2016.

    The ones we do not support is colour breeders and rescue organisations.

    I would like to remind you that we have a new magazine, Dog Winner World, please join our Facebook Group. Our advertisers now have the opportunity to showcase their dogs in an International Magazine.

    I trust that you will enjoy this issue of the French Bulldog Magazine!


    From the Editor

    French Bulldog MagazineApril 2016 Page: 7

  • If a breeder tells you that blue French Bulldog puppies are rare and worth a great deal more than an ordinary coloured Frenchie, then BEWARE. Other than the person breeding specifically for blue French Bulldogs, the colour blue has no more monetary value than any other colour. This breeder is either not knowledgeable or not interested in breeding strong healthy dogs that will enhance the breed in the future.

    Blue, charcoal grey, or mouse are a disqualifying colours in every country that breeds them, and all are usually referred to as blue . The blue or charcoal grey colour is a dilution of black and is caused by the melanophilin gene (MLPH). A dog born thus affected is termed as born blue since it is present at birth. Genetically, they are considered DD, Dd or dd. The colour can result from inbreeding.

    Many breeders learn the pedigrees of their dogs, have at least an ba-sic understanding of the genetics that produce their dogs, and there-fore avoid producing disqualifying traits. Reputable breeders try to improve the health of their dogs so they breed characteristics that will enhance the breed. Light eyes are inconsistent with a dog bred as a companion and are more likely to occur through inbreeding.

    Those that breed specifically for a blue colour overlook issues such as light eyes, skin conditions and lack of a black nose. Light eyes are inconsistent with a quality companion dog . Light eyes and the lack of a black nose are, in fact, disqualifying traits when French Bulldogs are shown. Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia and Color Dilution Alopeicia are skin conditions and are directly related to the dilute gene. These afflictions are sometimes referred to as the Blue Dog Syndrome and neither are a minor fault. It is also believed that a compromised im-mune system is related to the blue gene in more ways than just skin issues.

    So it is very risky to breed for this colour in French Bulldogs, and no knowledgeable and reputable breeder actively tries to produce Blue French Bulldogs.

    Blue Gene French Bulldog

  • So it is very risky to breed for this colour in French Bulldogs, and no knowledgeable and reputable breeder actively tries to produce Blue French Bulldogs.

    Article from : French Bulldog Club of Western Canada

    Blue Gene French Bulldog

    French Bulldog MagazineApril 2016 Page: 59

  • Picture of Arty taken by Melinda Sue Diefenderfer (Peru)