docker in our cloud - deploying openstack /w docker @ cloud-a

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  • DockerIn our cloud

    Jacob Godin (@jacob_godin)

    Adam Thurlow (@thurloat)


  • What is Docker?

    A transportable container shipping engine

    Lightweight container isolationshared kernel / no virtualization / low overheadcgroups limit resource consumption

    Copy-on-write / versioned container FScontainer layers & base containers

  • What does that buy us?

    Separation of operational concernssplits code / libs / data from logs / monitoring / host

    Build it once, run it anywhere*use CI to build, test, & deploy environments

    Service oriented, immutable infrastructureProcesses dont go bangCommoditize everythingCentralized core images

  • How we leverage Docker

    Continuous Integration of OpenStackquickly build new containersruns in staging, locally, and prod

    Automated Deploymentsshared private registry over vpn

    Drop in UpgradesOpenstack Grizzly -> Juno by cycling 3 containers

    Distributed Configurationetcd + confd = templated application config

  • docrane - Container Management

    Leverages:etcd (distributed key/value store)docker-py (Docker API client for Python)

    Docker container manager that relies on etcd to provide relevant configuration details. It watches for changes in configuration and automatically stops, removes,

    recreates, and starts your Docker containers.

  • Drawbacks

    Security! not meant for untrusted guests (yet) youre fully responsible for hardening

    Networking! built-in docker networking is slow and prone to failure. docker-proxy & magic NAT

    Youth! breaking API changes frequently (still new).

  • Fin

    Questions / Comments / Heckling

    Find us afterward to chit chat.