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I have written my thoughts on health and fitness. If you follow the guidelines you will always have normal weight. These are basics of health.


<ul><li> 1. Health &amp; FitnessPresented by Ashpaq AttarContact Me -00919527994800 Email</li></ul> <p> 2. AgendaAlopathy Non Veg FoodAyurvedHeart AttackNadi ParikshaExerciseFood MindVeg-Food 3. AlopathyBased on researchOnly on 10% of illness TEST are availableIf All medicines are thrown in sea all fish will dieand all humans on earth will be healthy 4. AyurvedPreventive Medicine Pathya4 VED - Yajur, Athar, Rig, SamMedicine from Plants and Fruits1200 Yearls Old ResearchHistory of AyurvedEconomical TreatmentPreventive medicine 5. Nadi ParikshaImportanceAutomatic Body HealingNadi Test Report Machine Development 6. FoodWe are what eatThere is only one place to get illness insideRegional Food South me Idli aur Delhi mechole bhatureFood should be taken to remain healthy and notfor taste M. GandhiAdopt Islamic Ukdu Style while having food60% of food we eat for doctors 7. Veg - FoodVeg Food is most suitable for Indian WeatherEasy to digestSuitable for todays lifestyleImportance of MILKTakes 30-45 minutes for digestion 8. Non Veg FoodHuman Body is not made to digest Non VegTakes 7-8 hours for digestionYes to physical exercise then only yes to NonVeg 9. Heart-AttackWhy Heart Attack Comes ?No ExerciseBypass is business90% Bypass can be preventedColestrol is required in bodyBypass OperationDr. Nitu Mandke Story 10. ExerciseYogasan Asan to all organs and jointsPranayam Breathing Controls EmotionsIndoor SportsOutdoor SportsGYM Shape MusclesWalking - Never reduces weightJogging 11. Health CheckupNadi Pariksha TestHeart Beat TestBMI TestWeight Test 12. Summary FAST LIFE-&gt;FAST FOOD-&gt;FAST DEATHNatural LIFE-&gt;Natural Food-&gt;Natural Death</p>


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