Divining & white canes: the mobile internet of things

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  • 1.Divining &white canes Thoughts on the mobile internet of things

2. @iotwatch @tinkerlondon 3. tinkerlondon.comdesign / open source hardware / iot 4. my phone isme, kinda 5. my phone isme, legally 6. my phone ismy paperwork 7. my phone ismy bank services 8. my phone ismy senses 9. my cheaper less accuratesenses 10. 11. changeswhat we trust & how we trust 12. 13. my phone ismy broken arduino 14. my phone iseasier to program 15. 16. 17. my phone ismy stuff 18. My stuff willneedmy phone to work 19. Conclusions(so far) 20. call centres arent going anywhere but theyll do more and differently 21. appsjust because you candoesnt mean you should 22. the mobile phone is at the heart of #iotdevelopment(but lets be careful what we wish for) 23. open source hardware has toup itsgameif it wants to survive 24. Thanks! [email_address]