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  • 1. NC HS-W set C s o 19 9 la s f 8 2 th Ye r Re0 a union Ho eo theHurric ne ! m fa s

2. Nicole, Kim,Brian and Mr. Squire getting things ready 3. Kim Garner checking things out 4. Nicole and Rhonda prepping The serving table 5. Grillmasters Roddell, Richard and Harry Can we get the secret sauce recipe? 6. Steve and Marvin catching up 7. Marsha and Fernanda 8. Luwanda and special guest LL Cool J. Naw, thats her hubby! 9. Luwandas lovely daughter 10. Everybodys looking to see what the kids are up to. No more than we got into! 11. Steve Jones 12. Brian Johnson,President! Kim Jean Ghee 13. Sharonda Luwanda Powell Kornegays Son 14. Carmelitia Coco Coleman 15. Tara Puddin Mallory 16. Kenny Patillo 17. Angela Broady, Denise Moody and Reginald Weaver 18. Reginald Rangatang EvansDexter Gary Gerald Taylor 19. Marvin Cool Daddy Shearin 20. Janice Robinson 21. Wanda Artis 22. Lester and Monique sharing a laugh 23. Pose Jean! 24. Mr. Michael Porch Vice President 25. Time for a group photo! 26. Everybody say cheese!Sondra 27. CHEESE! Brenda Barnes 28. Hey Clara Squire! 29. Felicia 30. Whats wrong Harry???? 31. Kenyan Webb Steve Webb 32. Get yo Drink on! 33. Ready,set,TEXT! 34. Mica Powell and Stacy Butcher 35. Sharon Seaborn and Tammy Gray 36. Luwanda Webb 37. Ready For Worship Service 38. Leaving church service 39. We got our praise on! 40. Smile for the camera Keisha! 41. Gathering to offer sympathy to Derrick in the homegoing of his father. We love you! 42. Something Wrong with The soda Tarsher? 43. Derrick Bennett 44. Gone but not forgetten HEAVENLY HURRICANES Ealy BellFernando Blount Carrie Brown Janet Davis Johanna Garner Gwendolyn KeeJessie LeeOverton O.B. PhillipsRobert Williams 45. Thank Yous and Shout outs To all class of 89 members HEEYYYY! Mr. Ellis Squire and Nicole for site location Brian,Michael and Roddell for passion and longing to get us all back to our hood 20 years from June 9. 1989@ 7:30 p.m. Brenda (bounce house and cotton candy- nuff said) Harry, Richard, Roddell ( grilling the good food) All that came out to share a smile, dish, drink, helping hand, laugh or memory. Peace, Love and Blessings Music Credit Artist-India Arie C.D.- Voyage to India Track Two- Its The Little Things