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Discovering Talent. How to find the right students for your program. Discovering Talent. prep work. What are you looking for?. Personality traits Work ethic Diversity Skills required Tasks performed Availability. Recruit Help. Who do your students work with? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Discovering TalentHow to find the right students for your program.

prep workDiscovering Talent

What are you looking for?Personality traitsWork ethicDiversitySkills requiredTasks performedAvailability

Recruit HelpWho do your students work with?Who has a vested interest in the group?Current student employees are the expertsBe mindful of the time commitmentSend thank you notesWhere do you advertise?How did your current students find out about the position?How did your best students find out about the position?What is your budget?Utilize social mediaStart early

What do you need to know?Determine crucial informationCreate your applicationInclude a job descriptionInclude important datesReference formsSet expectations for the interview processWho do you interview?Minimum requirementsHow many do you have time to interview?What are the recruitment priorities for your institution?Create a paper cut process

The interviewsDiscovering Talent

Protect YourselfKnow what you can and cant askBe careful what you put in writingEducate your selection committeeDO NOT ASKMarital statusAgeSexPregnancySexual preferenceRaceNational originReligious affiliationDisability

9Group InterviewsFind creative tasks or problemsDetermine criteria for evaluationCreate evaluation formsHave a constant in all interviewsChange it up

Make group interview scenarios somewhat relevant to the job10Eagle Ambassador CandidateGroup RankingRyanThis is Ryans second year at UNT. He is treasurer of his fraternity and a member of the Young Conservatives of Texas. He is an avid Mean Green sports fan with a 3.25 GPA. He works at Good Eats 10 hours a week and also baby-sits his little sister in Krum. He thinks that being an Eagle Ambassador will give him more opportunities to meet people and network for his future. TameshaTamesha is a freshman who loves UNT and wants to be involved in everything that she possibly can when it comes to performing and working behind the scenes for RTVF. Currently she is a member of Texas Filmmakers Cooperative, North Texas Television, Social Culture of Arts and Talents, and Basic Rhythm Dance Company. She lives in and spends most of her time on campus so figures she may as well work on campus. She knows that she needs to work on her grades and not spend so much time making movies. Her current GPA is a 2.8. MacKenzieMacKenzie is a senior Music Education major at UNT. She is from the area and is heavily involved with College Life Womens Ministries. She is creative, crafty and maintains a 3.5 GPA. It takes her a while to warm up to strangers but is friendly once she does. She has a passion for UNT history and knows lots of little known facts about the campus. MacKenzie will begin student teaching and graduate in the spring but promises to take graduate classes over the summer to fulfill her 1 year commitment to the Eagle Ambassador program if selected.JustinJustin is a sophomore UNT football player and a third generation North Texan. He knew that he wanted to play football for UNT after listening to his grandfathers glory days stories as a child. He needs a job for extra spending money but doesnt want a big commitment. He has a lot of free time during the spring but during fall he travels a lot for football. He will continue playing football until he graduates but feels that being an Eagle Ambassador would be another opportunity to get involved. Football is the only activity or organization that Justin currently belongs to. The Athletic Director strongly recommends him.CarmelaCarmela is Junior at studying communication. She thinks that this job is the perfect step for her career. A serious student with a 4.0 GPA, Carmela is involved in four different honor societies and an officer in the Honors Program. Carmela also plays intramural soccer. She would love to have this job and is determined to do anything to get it. You be the JudgeBelow you will find ten fictitious candidates for the Eagle Ambassador Program. You have 15 minutes to go through the list and determine which four candidates will be hired as Eagle Ambassadors. You may rank the candidates based on your personal preference but you must all agree as a group on the final four students. At the end of the 15 minutes your group will need to give a two minute presentation to the observers about which candidates you chose to hire and why. Each member of the group must speak at some point during the presentation.

Individual InterviewsBe consistentBe specific ask for examplesMaintain controlLook for total communicationQualifications v. CharismaDetermine criteria for evaluationHave a constant in all interviewsDont forget the first, he/she might be the best (studies show that first interviewed has least chance of being hired)Observe: *Posture & Body Language*Communication (comprehension, non-verbals, responses are clearly understood and appropriate*Succinctness (too much rambling)*Clarity (expresses ideas & thoughts clearly)*Flexible thinking and processing information*Interpersonal skills (working in a team, handling conflict)*Problem solving (easy going, gets stressed easily)*Motivations (do a job well, meet goals, money)*Administrative skills (organized, deadline oriented)

12Social InterviewsDetermine your guest listDetermine criteria for evaluationMake it realHave a constant

Can they carry on a conversation?Are the conversation subjects appropriate?Are they inclusive and respectful of others?13Who gets hired?Discovering Talent

Create a Point SystemWhat do you value?Whos opinion matters most?Evaluate your system regularlyTrust your gutHave a back up plan

FirstCumFallR1R2R3PaperGroupPanelComboFinalTotalMajorClassDamian3.253.2679.35310.6471132.61735447927255.134EADPJRJames3.8233.7879.5891110.29433.6913343.676.627252.384BiologyJRMiranda3.253.02610.52910.0591129.83135.3334479.33325251.361CommunicationsSOPHYussel3.73.710.52910.88210.88234.86430.541.66672.16626244.889HospitalityGRADJessie43.1259.1189.11810.76534.91732.7541.674.3521240.743Elementary EdJRRachel33.899.1188.7651027.74132.66642.875.46622235.446ArtSOPHLatrell3.5333.5339.52910.76510.2927.79432.7538.471.1526233.744BiologyFISHEmily3.83.810.2949.23510.64730.45934.33342.276.53312233.301HospitalitySOPHMercedes337.5888.52910.64731.92132.66641.574.16616229.017Political ScienceFISHSamantha3.23.29.8239.2359.70628.68830.2542.2572.520228.852PhotojournalismFISHSkyler3.1423.1429.47110.64710.17628.52431.66641.16672.83218228.766KinesiologyFISHDavia42.953119.949.8231.62927.3333966.33325227.008Social WorkSOPHIfat446.7659.82410.05932.38330.7540.257117226.031BiologyGRADShannon3.5383.5389.1189.47110.64728.35928.66638.266.86625223.403HospitalityFISHJulia3. EdJRGonzalo3.2536.17610.0592.88226.6222942.471.47201.789HospitalityJRJenna43.8379.8249.1189.70632.38622.753961.751193.371ArtJRReturningDaniCommunicationsKadieEducationCourtneyRTVFAthinaPsychologyGRADEmilyMusicBradAudiologyGRADAmbikaPsychologyLynzieBusinessLeoTheatreNotifying CandidatesNotify all candidatesEmail is okay, but phone is betterBe as honest as you canSurprises can be fun, but not always

How to answer the question, Why wasnt I selected for the job?We selected someone who was better qualified.We decided to go a different direction.I am not at liberty to respond further (as a last resort).Less is best you do not have to go into great detail.

17ResourcesAmazing Face Reading by Mac Fulfer, J.D.Judge the Jury by Jan HargraveUNT Career Center