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  • 1. Discovering December 11, 2008
  • 2. What is Facebook?
    • Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. a social network
  • 3. Who is Facebook For?
    • People who want to stay connected with or reconnect with friends, family, and colleagues.
    • Recommended: know at least one person who already has a Facebook account, or someone who is willing to create an account at the same time as you
  • 4. Setting Up An Account Go to: *In order to create an account, you must v erify your email address. (
  • 5. Finding Friends
    • Search your address book to see which friends are already in Facebook
    • Find friends by entering education and current employer
    • Select People You May Know
    • Search by name, or for groups and pages of interest
    • Potential friends MUST approve your friend request before you can interact with them.
  • 6. Facebook Profiles
  • 7. Edit Your Profile
    • Profile Picture
    • Status Updating
    • Personal Info
  • 8. Toolbars
    • Bottom Toolbar
    • Notifications
    • Chat
    • Applications
    • Top Toolbar
    • Home/Name
    • Profile
    • Friends
    • Inbox
    • Settings
  • 9. Safety First
    • Users can edit their safety settings to define who can find them on Facebook, and who can see various parts of their profile
    • It is recommended to have only your friends able to view your profile. Leaving your profile open to the public is risky.
    • Settings > Privacy Settings > Profile
    • Settings > Privacy Settings > Search
    • (For password, email, etc: Settings > Account Settings