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7. Immune System Cells
Helper T-cells
Cytotic T-cells
Suppressor T-cells
First to arrive are the Phagocytes. Phagocytes are not choosy. They will eat anything suspicious that they find in the bloodstream, tissues, or lymphatic system. In the lungs, for instance, they consume particles of dust and other pollutants that enter with each breath. They can cleanse lungs that have been blackened with the contaminants of cigarette smoke, provided the smoking stops.
Too much cigarette smoking, over too long a time, destroys phagocytes faster than they can be replenished. Environmental pollutants like silica and asbestos also overwhelm them.
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Transfer factors are similar to passive immunization.
It provides your immune system information even if you have not yet been affected by a particular disease.
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16. Effect of Transfer factors on B-cells
IgA Antibody
(Immune Defender)
A critical first line defence
IgA are found in the mouth, nose and other areas where 95% of all pathogens enter the body.
Pathogen (Germ Invader)
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26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. Testimonials
Name: Lolita Martizon
Case: Cervical cancer Stage 2 A
Age: Over 50 years old
Country: Philippines
35. 36. Testimonials
I suffered a stroke since a year & a half ago.I was not able to move on one side of my body.The right side of my arm & leg was not able to function at all.My speech also became slurred.After taking 4 bottles of TF for 6 weeks, I can walk and was able to speak normally. Thank you Anna from Winners4Life.
I was recently diagnosed with kidney failure & now I am undergoing dialysis 3 times weekly.Before taking TF, I was always too exhausted to do anything.I had to lie down all day.Now, my energy is renewed, and I am able to go back to work.My red blood cells count has also improved, according to my doctor.Alhamdulillah.Thank you 4Life.
Mr Khalid
I have suffered from severe knee pains for several years & have not been able to fold my legs for over one year.I am also unable to climb stairs.When getting up from the floor, I have to crawl like a baby & have someone pull me up.After 2 months of taking 6 TF pills daily, I am able to fold my legs and climb stairs like a normal healthy person! My life has finally come back to normal.
I suffer from diabetes type 1 and need insulin injections 3 times weekly.Every night, I would have to wake up so many times because I need to urinate.It really affects my sleep and my energy levels.After 2 months of taking Transfer Factor 4-6 capsules daily, my insulin requirement has reduced tremendously. I also dont wake up at night anymore.My body feels full of energy!Thank you Winners4Life!!
I was recently pregnant and was feeling very unwell.I was very worried because I have always had difficult pregnancies and have gone through five miscarriages.I am very thankful to Winners4Life for introducing Transfer Factor to me.Since taking Transfer Factor, I felt very good & healthy.I even felt energetic.My nausea totally stopped!I have now given birth to a healthy baby, Alhamdulillah!I also give my newborn baby Transfer Factor when he is ill.Thank you Winners!
37. Transfer Factors & EPILEPSY
AUTHORS: Liu Baoqun, XuJiangyang, Wang Qia, Chen GuangJiang
INSTITUTION: The Third Hospital of Huayin City, Jiangsu, China
38. Transfer Factors & SKIN ASTHMA
AUTHORS: D. Navarro-Cruz, E. Serrano-Miranda, M. Orea-S, S. Estrada-Parra,
INSTITUTION: Department of Immunology Mateos Hospital / ISSSTE, Mexico City
39. Transfer Factors & AUTISM
There are differenttypes of Transfer Factor. In 1985 Dr. Fudenburg used Transfer Factor on twenty-two children with classic autism. He found that twenty of the children had Myelin Basic Protein Antibodies(MBPA). These children were treated for three-three and a half years, receiving Transfer Factor three days every six weeks. After the treatment twenty-one out of twenty two had improved. Ten were considered normal, in that they no longer exhibited autistic symptoms and were mainstreamed in their schools.
Transfer Factor therapy is based on the fact that an Immune system dysfunction has occurred. Most likely this dysfunction occurred from a nutritional deficiency via a virus/vaccine leading to autoimmunity, and thus autism. Transfer factors supplementation strengthens the cellular immune system and may be a valuable supplemental treatment to control epileptic seizures.
Noted improvements include, more attentive, eye contact improved, eczema improved, decreased incidence of illness, improve language skills, resolution of diarrhea, and improved toileting skills.
40. Transfer Factors & KIDNEY FAILURE
Originally Cynthia was taken to the emergency room in very serious condition and then she was placed in ICU, where she has remained since then. The head physician didn't see how she could live. The bacteria had ravaged her muscles, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. For at leastten days Cynthia has suffered from kidney failure gaining over 30 pounds since she could not eliminate liquid. They used furosemide tomove some of the liquid through her, but the kidneys were not purifying. The kidney marker was up to 12+ and the physician didn't believe there was much chance that the kidneys would ever function again. We talked the physician into using transfer factors after it didn't look like the antibiotics were going to do the job and seemed that the kidneys were to far gone.
I am very happy to report that we got word from the hospital today 13 days later that Cynthia is be released tomorrow from the hospital. One of the nurses said, "she had never seen a patient come back fromthe condition that Cynthia was in, it must have been divine intervention." . ...The doctors shared no hope that she could recover, actually just the opposite. Today she is laughing, joking and excited about going home.
41. 42. A: YES!
Academician A.A. Vorobievof the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences points out that unlike other immunomodulators, Transfer Factor has a wide spectrum of activity, is safe, is administered orally, has no contraindications or side effects, and is effective both in adults and children
Methodological Letter, p.16
43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. US Health Insurance covers Transfer Factors Cited case 565-36-34896A - (HIC) 000-99-0053 - Docket Number
United States Court has ruled in favor of an insurance claimant.
4Life Transfer Factor is not to be considered an "experimental" since the substance has been used by the medical community for many years, and has been covered by several health insurance carriers. Numerous studies were cited that showed the effectiveness of 4Life Transfer Factor as an immune disorder treatment.
A 4Life Transfer Factor is covered under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act. A Medicare carrier is responsible to reimburse to the extent of the claim (i.e. 80% if an 80/20 plan minus an unmet deductible, if any).
April 25, 1999 - Date of Judge Stanley S. Sadur's Ruling
MarnaSlocam (Claimant/Beneficiary) vs.Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (Carrier/Intermediary)
Amount of Claim - $1400.00
49. 50. 51. 52. Contains Pure Transfer Factor 300mg
Recommended for:
Auto Immune
allergies, asthma
eczema, sinusitis
diabetes type I, lupus,
multiple sclerosis
gout, migraine, leukemia
nerve problems, etc.
For Prevention
Safe for infants
53. The only
Transfer Factor
Plus other benefits:
Anti-Oxidants are known for anti-aging benefits
Revives energy reserves
Promotes digestive health & inflammatoryresponse
Lowers bloodpressure & bad cholesterol
Regulates iron metabolism
More benefits (RioVida and Burst:
Protects the prostate, reduces heart disease
Improves memory and night vision
Aid with diarrhea and dysentery
Helps teeth and gum disorders, allergies
Antivirus, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory
54. 55. Transfer Factor Plus
Tri-Factor Formula
Aside from Transfer Factor it contains
herbs that has synergistic effect taken together with Transfer Factor:
Recommended for:
Infections (bacterial, virus, fungi),
Acne, pimples
Chronic ailment, varicose veins
Hepatitis, Stomach Ulcer
Terminal Diseases
Cancer / Tumor, Cyst, Endometriosis
Ingredients: Beta Glucans, Maitake,
Shitake Mushroom, Aloe Vera Mannans,
Olive leaf extract, Cordyceps, IP6
56. 57. To maintain a healthy heart and blood vesse