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This is a first basic level introduction of what an enterprise must do when considering digital transformation.


  • Digital TransformationIt is not an IT Technical project. It is a Enterprise Strategic Program!

  • Strategic Because Customer is directly impacted

    The second the word Customer is uttered in the same breath as an Enterprise, the next word that must come to mind is the process that connects them.

    Especially for a digital enterprise, it is not enough to go by the traditional economic definition of a customer - one who pays in exchange for the business offerings.

    In a digital world, everything is connected and value is created across the chain. All are customers in a Value Chain and need to be connected in a Common Unified Process (CUP) to Create Value and derive the benefits from the business outcomes of the executed process.

    Have you connected your Employees, Clients, Vendors, Business Partners, Stakeholders, Shareholders /Investors and the Societies that you operate; in a Common Unified Process (CUP)?

  • Stop Using the Word Social in

    Vain A Business Enterprise was always meant to be

    social. You have probably just woken up to the fact. !

    Yes, it is more fashionable now to have the links of all the apps available on the web. That does not make you social. !

    What makes you social is how you are able to bring the customer into your organization and have a say on the Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and Flexibility of your processes. !

    Have you thought about this? Is this the way you are approaching this social phenomenon?

  • Customer & Consumer Experiences are different! Have you configured the difference between a Customer and a Consumer in your business? The Customer seeks Differentiation whereas the Consumer seeks Empathy. What mechanisms do you employ to distinguish them? While the former provides you with competitive advantage, the latter affords you insights for innovation. This is the real connection that you need to establish first, as part of a digital transformation. Are you ready for it?

  • Narrative The most important dimension for the

    success of your digital transformation is a narrative.

    This narrative must emerge from your strategic intent and must flow through the Enterprise Processes to its activities, tasks and transactions.

    This narrative will allow you to differentiate for your customers and at the same time empathize with your consumers.

    It will thus mutually include what you intend as an enterprise; from Mind 2 Market and from Time 2 Market perspectives.

    Only this narrative that transliterates itself into the content that flows across your va lue cha in wi th every task and transaction that the enterprise conducts will yield value.

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