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Digital Journalism

Digital JournalismTruth | Trust | Transparency

Digital Journalism Content Lifecycle

ReportageAdvertising IntegrationData MonetizationTelevision BroadcastingJournalist ActivismPhysical distribution

Digital Society Content Lifecycle

Content curationContent distributionContent aggregationContent Communities

Social Media & News EcosystemBattle for Data SourcesBattle for AuthenticityBattle for ReputationBattle for Retention

Truth |Trust | Transparency.

TruthIn the digital age, it is easier than ever to publish false informationConfluence of falsehood and Facts in the Information CascadeArtificial Intelligence and Artificial RealityFilter Bubble by Eli Pariser, the co-founder of Upworthy


Do you trust a robot reporter ?Identity ManagementOpen Identity ProtocolsPeer to Peer NetworksSocial Content Curators

Trust and User Engagement

Debate on the journalistic norms of objectivity and impartiality in the digital age.

TransparencyOpen DataOpen WebKnowledge GraphSocial GraphInterest GraphOpen Source JournalismOpen Journalism projectFree press network

Why should we learn about Digital JournalismJournalism after Snowden Effect > All about cyberwarfareJournalism funded by Google and Facebook > Fake News SyndromeJournalism after Trump Rhetoric > News CarnivalsNew Piracy and Intellectual Property >

Digital JournalismEmerging TrendsAmericans are afraid of fake news !Whites more than non-whites to have spoken to a local journalistNumber of low power FM radio stations have nearly doubled since 2014More than half of the smart phone users gets news alerts, but few get them often!Long form journalism has a place in todays mobile centric societySocial media is now a common news consumption platformFew people trust social media as a news sourceRole of friends and families is prominent

Data Driven JournalismPower of Storytelling through Pictologues and Data Visualization

Dissenting VoicesAlternate point of views on the specter of digital journalism

Information Asymmetry and Digital Journalism

As the pioneering Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, who was imprisoned in Tehran for six years for his online activity, wrote in the Guardian earlier this year, the diversity that the world wide web had originally envisioned has given way to the centralization of information inside a select few social networks and the end result is making us all less powerful in relation to government and corporations.

Tom Rosenstiel

New Technology has fundamentally dissolved the old system for financing news

Hard facts

75 % of the classified advertising of the last 10 years is gone. Thank you Craigslist.40% fall in Newspaper Revenue in a decadeMost of that has happened since 2008

Digital Disruptions in Journalism

Anatomy and AnalyticsDesign and Dialogic ImaginationPersonalization of newsContextualization of newsBig Data and JournalismJournalism as a Digital ServiceEthnography and PerspectivesCrowdsourcing and Aggregators

Future of News

Human Centered DesignCommunity Content PersonalizationIdentity, Trust and BrandingAnalytics, MonetizationNovelty, Originality, InnovationInterfaces, Languages, Rationality

Orwellian InversionVernalizing reality by transforming fact into fantasy and truth into lie for the purpose of creating the perfect society and the redeemed human being, transferable across the generations.

Slow Journalism

Slow journalism is a news subculture borne out of the frustration at the quality of journalism from the mainstream press. A continuation from the larger "slow" movement, slow journalism shares the same values as other "slow"-movement subsets in its efforts to produce a good, clean and fair product.Delayed Gratification, UKProPublica, USAXXI, FranceFact Publisher, UK

People Browser

At 10,000 posts a second we are being overwhelmed by dataBig data is now heading for little brotherBig Brother A CPU faster than the fastest computerCommon bandwidth slower than the slowest modemLittle BrotherConnected little brothers will be a higher intelligence than Big BrotherViral Streams will add light fiber power to the collective consciousnessCollective stream is being sucked up into the cloudCloud will rain down on little brother A recursive human rain

Truth |Trust | Transparency.


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