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Digital Humanities 2014. Conference hosting proposal initiated by:. Main Organizers. Utrecht Institute of Linguistics/ Centre for the Humanities (Utrecht University, Humanities faculty). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Dia 1

Digital Humanities 2014Conference hosting proposal initiated by:

Main OrganizersUtrecht Institute of Linguistics/Centre for the Humanities(Utrecht University, Humanities faculty)Meertens Institute(Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences: Ethnology & Variation linguistics)

Henritte de SwartUU/OTSArjan van HessenUU/CLARINHans BennisUvA/MeertensRens BodUvACity:Why Utrecht?City:Why Utrecht?International travelFast trains to Germany, France and the UKSchiphol Amsterdam Airport (25 minutes) offers direct international connections to Europe, America, Africa and Asia


City:Why Utrecht?National travelGood public transportMedieval City Centre: everything within walking distanceCity bike hire by credit cardStudent-oriented prices (food, drinks, hotels)

City:Why Utrecht?Plenary sessions (St. Johns Church / City Theatre) > 500 seats6 parallel sessions in the Academic building (> 80 seats each)> 5 additional parallel sessions in the neighbourhoodVenue wide WiFi-access (Eduroam & Guest-access)Fully AV-equippedNumerous restaurants in different categories within walking distance)

6City:Why Utrecht?

7City:Why Utrecht?

8University:Why Utrecht?University:Why Utrecht?

Humanities Digital Humanities


Cultural Heritage


10University:Why Utrecht?

Humanities Digital Humanities Maaike BleekerTheatre, UURosi BraidottiCentre for Humanities, UUKarina van DalenLiterature, Huygens InstituteJos van DijckMedia studies, UvALouis GrijpMusic, MeertensJoep LeerssenLiterature, UvAMarc van OostendorpLinguistics, MeertensJoost RaessensDigital Games & Plays, UUHerman RoodenburgEthnology, MeertensJan Luiten van SantenHistory, UUSally WyattVirtual Knowledge Studio, KNAW

Local Scientific SupportUniversity:Why Utrecht?Local Institutional SupportProf. dr. B. van der ZwaanRector of the UniversityProf. dr. W. van den AkkerDean of the HumanitiesProf. dr. J. OdijkDirector of CLARIN.NLDrs. S. KrauwerDirector of the CLARIN-ERIC

2014:Why Utrecht?2014:Why Utrecht?Digital materials: software, images, objectsNew Media Group of the Department of Media and Culture Studies Digitizing musicMeertens Institute (KNAW) & Information Science (UU)Open archives and open accessUtrecht University Library and e-humanitiesDigital CitizenshipUU Digital Games and PlayGATE project and ERC Project Charting the Digital Digital Literacy, with the focus group Changing Literacies of the Culture & IdentitiesThe Scholar on-lineOGC 2014:Why Utrecht?CLARIAH:2015 - ????, 25MCLARIN:2009 2015, 9.1MMany Projects, Programmes and DH-Initiatives started since 2010, will become mature and are ready for exposureKNAW initiative: Tighter collaboration of the 4 Humanity Institutes(Huygens ING, Meertens, NIOD, IISG) 10 full professors in DHNederLab: 2013 2016, 3.4MOur goals for DH2014

Scientific:At least as good as Hamburg DH2012Users:Increase the number of actively involved, non-academic users (CH-institutions, broadcast companies, publishers, educational institutions, government, game factories, contact centres, service industry, etc.Makers/vendors:SMEs working in the field of DH academic start-upsBeating the 500 !!Digital Humanities 2014

Utrecht, why not?