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Diamante Poems. Miss Cartwright. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Diamante Poems

Diamante PoemsMiss Cartwright

Line 1 - a one word nounLine 2 - 2 adjectives that describe the nounLine 3 - 3 verbs that the noun does (-ing)Line 4 - 4 things (nouns) that the top noun and the bottom noun hasLine 5 - 3 verbs that the bottom noun does (-ing)Line 6 - 2 adjectives that the describes the bottom nounLine 7 - a one word noun that is opposite the top noun

BoysGross badPlaying talking laughingUnderwear TV knickers ringsStanding waiting sittingGood cleanGirls

http://www.timclarke.net/2C/diamante/boys_girls.htmlCat Lazy Clean Eating Sleeping Playing Paws Meow Woof Bone Digging chasing hiding Silly dirty Doghttp://www.timclarke.net/2C/diamante/cat_dog.html

Food Hot cold Tempting steaming cooking Warm dry liquid runny Drinking slurping sipping Fizzy sweet Drinkhttp://www.timclarke.net/2C/diamante/food_drink.htmlBasketballFun TiringRunning Shooting ScoringBall People Court GrassKicking Stopping JoggingGood ExcitingSoccersquaresymmetrical, conventionalshaping, measuring, balancingboxes, rooms, clocks, halosencircling, circumnavigating, enclosinground, continuouscircle

Now to make onehttp://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/diamante/


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