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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 DHL Asia key facts</p><p> 1/1</p><p>DHL EXPRESS:</p><p>KEY FACTS</p><p>TOTAL DHL EXPRESS VEHICLES</p><p>INDONESIA</p><p>THAILAND</p><p>VIETNAM</p><p>MALAYSIA</p><p>SOUTHKOREA</p><p>SINGAPORE</p><p>HONGKONG</p><p>INDIA</p><p>CHINA</p><p>INDONESIA</p><p>THAILAND</p><p>VIETNAM</p><p>MALAYSIA</p><p>SOUTHKOREA</p><p>SINGAPORE</p><p>HONGKONG</p><p>INDIA</p><p>CHINA</p><p>DHL FLIGHTS PER WEEK</p><p>NUMBER OF DHL LOCATIONS</p><p>INDONESIA</p><p>THAILAND</p><p>VIETNAM</p><p>MALAYSIA</p><p>SOUTHKOREA</p><p>SINGAPORE</p><p>HONGKONG</p><p>INDIA</p><p>CHINA</p><p>1. CHINA</p><p>DHL VEHICLES: 1819</p><p>DHL FLIGHTS PER WEEK: 476</p><p>DHL LOCATIONS: 481</p><p>KEY EXPORT ITEMS / SECTORS:</p><p> Energy efciency technologies</p><p> Environmental materials</p><p> Inrastructure materials(sustainable energy)</p><p> Healthcare technology</p><p> Aerospace andautomotive,advancedengineering</p><p> Inormation and CommunicationTechnology</p><p>5. SOUTH KOREA</p><p>DHL VEHICLES: 409</p><p>DHL FLIGHTS PER WEEK: 240</p><p>DHL LOCATIONS: 69</p><p>KEY EXPORT ITEMS / SECTORS:</p><p> Automotive supply</p><p> Consumer / luxury consumerproducts</p><p> Education materials</p><p> Environmental/ renewableenergies</p><p> Inormation and CommunicationTechnology / embeddedsotware / technology</p><p> Pharma</p><p>2. INDIA</p><p>DHL VEHICLES: 405</p><p>DHL FLIGHTS PER WEEK: 691</p><p>DHL LOCATIONS: 219</p><p>KEY EXPORT ITEMS / SECTORS:</p><p> Urban inrastructure</p><p> Automotive</p><p> Biotechnology</p><p> Telecoms - growing market</p><p> Media equipment</p><p> Pharma</p><p> Semiconductors</p><p>6. MALAYSIA</p><p>DHL VEHICLES: 133</p><p>DHL FLIGHTS PER WEEK: 238</p><p>DHL LOCATIONS: 60</p><p>KEY EXPORT ITEMS / SECTORS:</p><p> Deence &amp; security</p><p> Education &amp; training</p><p> Healthcare/ medical technology</p><p> Aerospace</p><p> Inrastructure &amp; construction</p><p> Oil recovery solutions</p><p>3. HONG KONG</p><p>DHL VEHICLES: 219</p><p>DHL FLIGHTS PER WEEK: 700</p><p>DHL LOCATIONS: 39</p><p>KEY EXPORT ITEMS / SECTORS:</p><p> Inrastructure &amp; construction,transport</p><p> Education/ training materials</p><p> Environmental, renewableenergy support</p><p> Inormation and CommunicationTechnology</p><p>7. VIETNAM</p><p>DHL VEHICLES: 123</p><p>DHL FLIGHTS PER W</p><p>DHL LOCATIONS: 53</p><p>KEY EXPORT ITEMS</p><p> Retail goods</p><p> Teaching equipme</p><p> Environmental conequipment</p><p> Telecoms</p><p> Inrastructure &amp; coports &amp; rail</p><p> ecurity, ports</p><p>4. SINGAPORE</p><p>DHL VEHICLES: 226</p><p>DHL FLIGHTS PER WEEK: 2,613</p><p>DHL LOCATIONS: 34</p><p>KEY EXPORT ITEMS / SECTORS:</p><p> Engineering machinery</p><p> Deence &amp; security</p><p> Education acilities</p><p> Inrastructure &amp; construction:rail, oil and gas storage, water</p><p> Inormation and CommunicationTechnology</p><p>CUSTOMS TIP: A Packing List ismandatory or WPX (non-doc)shipments when a) more than twopieces; b) over 100kg; c) shipmentvalue (CIF) is over CNY5,000(approx. USD 760)</p><p>CUSTOMS TIP: Consignee shouldhave valid Import Export CodeNumber (IEC). Personal imports orpersonal use do not need IEC</p><p>CUSTOMS TIP: Consignee musthave a license rom Ofce o theCommunications Authority (OFCA) toreceive telecommunication equipment</p><p>CUSTOMS TIP: Term o trade(Incoterms 2010) eg. CIF, FOB, C&amp;F,etc, are to be specifed on the invoiceor customs valuation</p><p>CUSTOMS TIP: Commmust state clearly itemand value. Term o trad2010) is required to beinvoice. I no IncotermFreight charge will be shipment or tax and d</p><p>CUSTOMS TIP: No tax applied whenshipment value is below SGD400.I consignee is a company thenconsignees Central RegistrationNumber will be required to allowcustoms clearance</p><p>CUSTOMS TIP: Inormation andCommunication Technology shipmentsoten require consignee to have anITE certifcate</p><p>C</p><p>exDab.c.dI de</p><p>DHL act source: p/intro.html Key Export Items / Sectors source: UKTI Asia Task Force</p></li></ul>