Dessert Toppings and Syrups - dessert creation you can think of is a snap with ... ingredients for rich flavor, ... Dessert Toppings and Syrups

Download Dessert Toppings and Syrups -    dessert creation you can think of is a snap with ... ingredients for rich flavor, ... Dessert Toppings and Syrups

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  • AlwAys in greAt tAste.

    Dessert Toppings and Syrups

  • FABULOUS FLAVOR IS EASY. Your desserts will take a delicious turn for the best with a little help from Lyons. Any dessert creation you can think of is a snap with our fresher tasting toppings, sauces and syrups.


    The highest quality, freshest ingredients,

    and a commitment to advanced

    processing and packaging,

    means your dessert creations

    will taste like they were made

    from scratch. Best of all,

    Lyons guarantees quality,

    consistency, eye appeal, and of

    course, maximum flavor with

    every product we deliver.


    Eight distinct all-purpose chocolate syrups will have you covered from sundaes to shakes.

    Processed with our proprietary continuous flow system, your patrons will enjoy consistent flavor and texture from every container.

    Made with only premium quality ingredients for rich flavor, intense color and optimal thickness levels.

    Unique blends of Dutch and natural cocoa cover the flavor spectrum.

    Squeeze bottle Fountain Supreme chocolate syrup saves time and eliminates the need to transfer from large container to your own squeeze bottle.


    You could make them yourself, or you could rely on Lyons for a variety of hot fudge sauces that match perfectly with your applications and needs. We even have two great flavors available in our convenient squeeze bottles.

    Made with premium imported cocoas and fresh dairy ingredients for traditional sundaes and the most elegant chocolate desserts.

    Rich n Creamy Chocolate Hot Fudge and Old Fashioned Caramel Hot Fudge, save time and can be heated easily in their squeeze bottles.

    A wide range of options from dark European style to rich, creamy, milk chocolates.

    Smooth, thick textures with superior draping characteristics.

    Hot Caramel and Butterscotch also available.


    Put excitement and variety in your dessert menu with these high value toppings that are full of flavor and eye appeal.

    Fruit toppings are made carefully from handpicked fruits, many from our own orchards the result is farm fresh flavor and color.

    Unsurpassed variety of toppings, flavors, and packaging options the broadest line in the industry today.

    Butterscotch and Caramel toppings are created the old-fashioned way by scotching and caramelizing premium ingredients.


    Only fresh or individually frozen premium quality fruit, and all-natural ingredients go into our ultimate line of dessert toppings. Top your special dessert and breakfast creations with fresh picked flavor all year-round.

    Our proprietary process ensures fresh picked flavor, naturally bright color, and superior fruit identity.

    Each flavor is always the perfect consistency.

    Handy pint pure-pak cartons are easy to open, store and dispose.


    Our gourmet sauces will add an entirely new flavor dimension to your extra special desserts. Super premium quality is combined with ready-to-use convenience in a line that gives your dessert menu new possibilities and taste sensations.

    Sinfully rich chocolates, exquisitely crunchy nuts, and bright, fresh- flavored fruits make the industrys highest quality commercially prepared product.


    Convenience and flair come together in our flavor packed and eye appealing cone coatings and decorettes.

    Coco and Rainbow Decorettes are a simple and inexpensive way to add eye appeal to desserts, especially childrens menu items.

    Chocolate, Butterscotch, and Cherry Cone Coats form a firm shell on frozen desserts, soft serve, and hard packed ice cream.

  • Item No. Product Description Pack

    Chocolate Syrups

    182 Premium Blend Chocolate 6/#10

    002 Sweet Chocolate 6/#10

    185 Safari Chocolate 6/#10

    455 Safari Chocolate 4/gal.

    2421 Rich N Ready Chocolate 6/#5

    1722 Royal Chocolate 4/gal.

    3421 Sundae Bar Chocolate 6/#10

    124 Fountain Supreme Chocolate 6/#10

    3020 Fountain Supreme Chocolate 6/64oz.

    2061 Fountain Supreme Chocolate 24/24oz.

    Fudge Toppings

    355 Rich N Lite (99% Fat Free) 6/#10

    057 Velvet Creme Fudge 6/#10

    259 Hot Chocofudge Sundae 6/#10

    019 Mellow Hot Fudge 6/#10

    486 Coco Plus Hot Fudge 6/#10

    356 Double Dutch Hot Fudge 6/#10

    360 Hot Caramel 6/#10

    2091 Rich N Creamy Chocolate Hot Fudge 12/24oz.

    2094 Old Fashioned Caramel Hot Fudge 12/24oz.

    Gourmet Dessert Sauces

    2204 Strawberries Seville 6/#5

    2207 Bordeaux Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce 6/#5

    2209 Blueberry Nicoisse 6/#5

    2211 Sweet Cream Caramel Sauce 6/#5

    2212 Select Buttered Pecans 6/#5

    2201 Select Walnuts in Maple Sauce 6/#5

    038 Royale Belgium Chocolate Fudge 6/#10

    Frozen Fruit Toppings

    1225 Triple Berry 6/#10

    1226 Red Raspberry 12/1 pint

    1227 Red Cherry 12/1 pint

    1229 Sliced Strawberry 12/1 pint

    1230 Black Cherry 12/1 pint

    1231 Pineapple 12/1 pint

    1232 Blueberry 12/1 pint

    1233 Peach 12/1 pint

    1234 Blackberry 12/1 pint

    4275 Triple Berry 12/1 pint

    Item No. Product Description Pack

    Streamline Sundae Toppings

    006 Butterscotch 6/#10

    2359 Butterscotch 6/#5

    010 Caramel 6/#10

    2360 Caramel 6/#5

    030 Crushed Pineapple 6/#10

    2369 Streamline Pineapple 6/#5

    034 Sliced Strawberry 6/#10

    2373 Sliced Strawberry 6/#5

    2380 Crushed Red Raspberry 6/#5

    2181 Crushed Mt. Blackberry 6/#5

    2384 Crushed Peach 6/#5

    2443 Crushed Wild Cherry 6/#5

    2056 Crushed Blueberry 6/#5

    2426 Pump Style Strawberry 6/#5

    2441 Spiced Apple 6/#5

    2376 Sundae Bar Strawberry 6/#5

    2361 Raspberry Sauce 6/#5

    2493 Creme De Menthe 6/#5

    387 Peanut Butter 3/#10

    027 Marshmallow 6/#10

    2027 Mallo Creme 6/#5

    Ice Cream Novelties

    012 Big Top Chocolate Cone Coat 6/#10

    392 Butterscotch Cone Coat 6/#10

    394 Cherry Cone Coat 6/#10

    1550 Coco Decorettes 4/6lb

    1551 Rainbow Decorettes 4/6lb

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