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<ul><li><p>Defensive Driving Course for Licensed Drivers: </p><p>Driving and driving rules go together. When you are on road and in charge of a vehicle it is important </p><p>that you abide by all the laid down rules for your safety as well as for your passengers and other vehicles </p><p>and pedestrians. All states in the United States are very strict about drivers following the traffic rules. </p><p>Every year thousands of drivers are slapped with tickets for violation of driving safety rules such as </p><p>speeding or for not using seat belts. The result being that your license can be suspended and you lose </p><p>valuable time in attending court hearings. However, now it is possible for you to dismiss your tickets by </p><p>attending defensive driving course. </p><p>If you reside in the state of Texas you can attend the Texas certified defensive driving course. There are </p><p>many such defensive driving courses available over the internet but they are of little value if they are not </p><p>Texas approved defensive driving course. By attending the Texas certified defensive driving course you </p><p>can wave off the traffic ticket. Courts now-a-days give you the option of attending a Texas approved </p><p>defensive driving course for dismissal of traffic tickets. </p><p>Availing of Texas certified defensive driving course is really easy now-a-days. These courses are available </p><p>online and all you need to do is register and start taking the course. The cost of the course is nominal </p><p>and some Texas approved defensive driving course charges the minimum allowable fees of $25 as </p><p>stipulated by the Texas statute law. The other requirements for taking the Texas certified driving course </p><p>is that you should hold a valid drivers license and you must have the courts approval for taking this </p><p>course. While signing up for the course you can choose between taking up a lecture oriented course or </p><p>an online course. While the former requires you to attend lectures by professional instructors at </p><p>stipulated time and place, the latter is more flexible. By opting for the online Texas approved defensive </p><p>driving course you can take the course at your convenience but you should complete the course within a </p><p>stipulated time period. </p><p>On completion of the Texas certified defensive driving course the completion certificate will be mailed </p><p>to you and you can use it to dismiss your traffic ticket. If you need the certificate the day after you finish </p><p>your Texas approved defensive driving course then most course providers charge extra for the express </p><p>delivery. While registering for the Texas certified defensive driving course make sure that you read the </p><p>terms and agreements thoroughly. There may be some privacy clause which you need to go through. </p><p>The course providers may obtain information about your drive record from the authorities but that is </p><p>solely used for the purpose of the course. The Texas approved defensive driving course includes </p><p>periodic quizzes and a final exam which you need to pass for getting the certificate. You must score at </p><p>least 70% to qualify for the certificate. If you have been ordered by the court to take a defensive driving </p><p>course then make sure that you sign up as soon as possible from a course provider that is approved by </p><p>the Texas education agency. </p></li></ul>