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  • 1. Warm up to a good book December 2010 Delavan Darien High School Kelly Jensen Youth Services Librarian Aram Public Library

2. Some Girls Areby Courtney Summers

  • No one believes such a mean girl
  • Gut-wrenching and Real

3. The Riverby Mary Jane Beaufrand

  • The Santiam River holds many secrets, including the dead body of a girl Ronnie babysat
  • Mystery of La Llorona

4. Things a Brother Knowsby Dana Reinhardt

  • Levis brother returns from war changed
  • Will Levi learn the truth of his brothers reclusiveness?

5. Dirt Road Homeby Watt Key

  • Hals in a Boys Home but its really a prison
  • Can he change or is it all a mind game?
  • Gangs, violence, and trouble

6. Candorby Pam Bachorz

  • Candor, Florida is utopia
  • Are their thoughts their own?
  • Checkthisout

7. Five Flavors of Dumbby Antony John

  • Can Piper really get Dumb a record deal?
  • No one believes the deaf girl
  • Music!

8. When the Stars Go Blueby Caridad Ferrer

  • Soledad Reyes is a passionate dancer
  • Jonathan convinces her to try out for his bugle corpss rendition ofCarmen
  • Romance like Simone Elkeles

9. Paranormalcyby Kiersten White

  • Evie thinks shes normal, even though she works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency
  • Is she part of a grander master plot?
  • Humor, plus zombies, faeries, and vampires

10. Stolenby Lucy Christopher

  • Gemma taken hostage by Ty
  • Does she really understand why he did it?
  • Australian, desolate setting

11. Leviathanby Scott Westerfeld