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Datacenter Virtualisation . lowers your TCO. Keynote. Challenges in datacenters today. Complexity to manage : Too many appliances , each with their own commands/panels Too many wires : risks of human mistakes increase I nefficient use of resources : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Datacenter Virtualisation lowers your TCO

  • Keynote

  • Challenges in datacenters todayComplexity to manage:Too many appliances, each with their own commands/panelsToo many wires: risks of human mistakes increase

    Inefficient use of resources:The average usage of all CPUs and hard disks is about 15%Waste of power due to too many low productive servers

    Business continuity and change management :Still non redundant systems higher load on helpdesksChanges/upgrades become a risky venture in large networksComplexity results too much in know-how centralisation in just a couple of employees

  • Challenges in datacenters todayNeed for Real Time InfrastructureAgile: respond innovative and competitive to business opportunities in a turbulent and quickly changing business environmentCost Effective Monthly BillingClear demarcation between infrastructure & OS

    Life Cycle Management Constraints:Constant migrations consume valuable resourcesLack of scalability: customers abandon upgrades when the step to the next level is too highMissing fast upselling opportunities

  • Todays Typical Infrastructure

  • Virtualized datacenterConsolidationHighAvaila-bilityBusinessContinuityFullAuto-mation Server capacityon demandStorage Capacity on demandDatacenter resourceson demandIncreasedAgilityReducedcomplexityDramatically lower your TCOBenefit the virtualisation advantages without a need to invest in know how and CAPEXA-Server brings a total solution including monitoring servicesAdvantages of virtualisation

  • A-Server Uniform Instrastructure

  • Datacenter virtualisation solutionsHigh Availability is key in our solutionsProduct - Datacenter In A RackOpex and Capex modelLower your TCOAbout A-Server

  • Product Datacenter in a RackA-Care


    A-ReportProduct ArchitectureA-Control(orchestration software)VirtualisationServers, Storage, NetworkHardwareProfessional Services

  • Operating SystemsStorageNetworkingHypervisorsControl panelsMonitoringInstallationWorkflowsBilling & Doc.ServersA-Servers solutionsControl CenterEnd User Self ControlsOrchestrationRepair & SLAProvisioning APIBilling ReportingA-Servers products have all components includedYou will have a Total Hands Off datacenter virtualisation solution

  • ConceptsDatacenter as a Service

    Private Virtual Datacenter

    Software as a Service

    Desktop Virtualisation (planned)

    Built with A-Servers Solutions

  • Market & Positioning

  • PositioningA-Server is a product oriented company80% of sales of the Datacenter in a Rack Product20% of sales represent the Professional Services

    The A-Server product consists of:Virtualisation: Xen, Virtual Box, VMware, ...A-Control: Orchestration softwareA-Care: MonitoringA-Report: ReportingA-Watch: SLA mangementHardware

    Professional services offered on top of the product

  • Target MarketsEnterprise datacentersEnterprises with a need for agility, consolidation and high availability for their datacenters

    Service providersPlug and Play DAAS: upgrade their service model without the need to fully manage the virtualisation layer

    Marketing & media agencies (ex. Corelio)In the search for big online advertising revenue opportunities and with a need for a managed online platform: A-Server will offer large scale platforms for Zimbra

  • ChannelsCommercial Datacenters:TelcosCarriersCarrier neutral datacentersService providers

    Hardware partnersServer suppliersSwitching providers

    Lead generation partnercall center screening enterprises interest

  • Management Team

  • A-Servers Management TeamChairman: Kristof de SpiegeleerSymantec (2005-2006): Director Engineering Netbackup PurediskDatacenter Technologies (2002) : Revolutionary CAS enabled backup technology. Acquired by Veritas in 2005, now part of SymantecDedigate (2000): Complex Managed hosting provider. Acquired by Terremark in 2005Hostbasket (2000): Market leader in Belgium for hosting, 40% yearly revenue growthTechnical Director Europe at PSINet (1997): Created Hosting Division Europe for PSINetNetcom Solutions (1994): One of first network integrators in Europe. Sold in 2001 to IPGlobalnetMasters in engineering (Ghent University )

  • A-Servers Management TeamCOO: Frederik KerkhofsMore than 10 years hardware/datacenter operations experience in Telecom/ICT: IP Global Net, Netcom solutions, MCI/Verizon.Master degree in engineering from the Ghent University & a post-graduate in management techniques from VLEKHO.VP Business Development: Tim CouckeMore than 10 years experience in Belgacom in different Management functions and as VP Sales and Marketing at Hostbasket. Master degree in engineering at the Ghent University & MBA at the Vlerick business school Product Management: Arvid Fossen7 years experience as Product Manager in Belgacom and HostbasketMaster degree engineering from the Antwerp University & Master Class marketing Solvay

  • A-Servers Management TeamVP Development: Peter Grypdonck8 years of experience in HostbasketFormer CEO of IT company 2-ConsultHigh profile IT Analyst, large experience in IT Project Management

    Finance Director: Henk BaertOver 20 years experience in IT project management and finance with ExxonMobil, Van Laere (Akkermans & van Haaren) and Goffin BankMaster degree engineering at Ghent University & post-graduate Vlerick Business School.

  • Datacenter in a Rack

  • A Total solution: Servers Storage Networking Monitoring Airco (option) UPS (option)PowerEthernetWaterWorlds First Complete Datacenter In A RackManagement GUI In any datacenter Fast deploymentDatacenter in a Rack

  • Complete SolutionUp to 80 % less power utilizationup to 1.000% more effective CPU utilization A-Care: better uptime thanks monitoringMore performance: 20-30 Gbit Backplane.Most Innovative Storage System (Block Based & File Based)High performance integrated SAN storageIntegrated Power Protection Reporting, billing Info, capacity planning, DAAS System Management Applicatione.g. Zimbra

  • Up to 80% power gain AC-DC conversion system saves up to 30% powerReduce power loss during conversionsLess physical servers consume less power, a saving of up to 60%Built in airco cools more efficient and wins 20% on power (vs. overcooling needs in datacenters to cover hotspots)

    Power conversion from 220V to 48V,all servers connected directly with 48 V

  • Multi platform & interfaces supportSupport for multiple hypervisorsXen (Linux)Optimized Virtual box (MS)VMWare (special features)Physical machines Interfaces and integrationEasy to create custom workflowsGUI, command line and API (SOAP)Easy to use end-user control panels (fully customizable)Easy creation of plug-ins for new functionality and legacy applications

  • QCC Management Console Demo

  • Private Virtual Datacenter

  • Private Virtual Datacenter (PVDC)A Control Panel where a customers build and deploy their own datacenterBuild a datacenter using pre-defined appliances: servers, routers, NAS, ...Connect appliances using their ports, ex. connect a server to a NASFor each appliance, the customer can click-through to control panelsPrivate Virtual Datacenter

  • PVDC AppliancesLinux ServerWindows ServerNASBackup Storage(also a NAS)Virtual Router: connection to the internet (IP addresses and bandwidth) Virtual Switch: represents V-LANsDedicated FirewallSAN provides primary storage to other appliances

  • Private Virtual Datacenter (PVDC)Choose from pre-defined Machine TypesDrag and Drop Machine Types in your datacenterManage several PVDCsYou or your customer can fully manage a PVDCCustomer referencesBuilt-in (pre-paid) credits tracking

  • Private Virtual Datacenter (PVDC)A-ServerinstallsHW&SWConfigures applianceswith Service ProviderService Providercreates customers in Control CenterCustomerbuilds its own PVDCDedicated PVDC for Service Providers:The Service providers will give full or read access to the PVDC, depending on the customer type

  • Private Virtual Datacenter (PVDC)A-ServerinstallsHW&SWA-Serverconfigures default appliancesA-Servercreates customers in Control CenterShared or Dedicated PVDC for Enterprises:A-Server will offer PVDC to enterprise customers; the Enterprise customer needs to manage PVDC & OSCustomerbuilds its own PVDC

  • Private Virtual DatacenterActions with Commercial Datacenter partnership:invite customers to a seminar at the datacenter officeprovide customers with A-Servers brochuresprovide co-branded brochures to resellers

    First setup: LCL DiegemInstallation of A-Server Datacenter in a Rack

  • Transparent SLA programsWe put a stop to marketing SLAs to correctly manage our customers expectations (e.g. service provider market today)Detailed SLA measurement based on multiple criteria.SLA based on well defined criteria.Realistic Expectation Management (99.9% is a extremely high SLA and should not be taken lightly)Transparent Detailed ReportingSLA breach escalation

  • Our Unique Selling PropositionA-Server ...Provides a total solution for virtualisationCan offer a far better TCO: use of commodity hardware, in house developed modules, product standardizationOffers products with easy manageabilityEnables real scalabilityProvides tools (PVDC) for a faster go to marketSupports its products solution with servicesHighly competent team

  • Storage

  • A-Servers Storage featuresMany supported interfaces for NAS/SAN:CIFSNFSRSYNCiSCSIInfinibandFibre channelScalability:expand seamlessly to a NAS of 300TBBuild a storage network of up to 5.000TB

  • A-S


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