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Basic information and visuals about the Czech Republic


  • 1. Czech RepublicBy Klra Vakov

2. Basic Information Capital city is Prague. Area is 78,866 km2. Population of the Czech Republic is 10,513,209 people. Our Currency is CZK (Czech Crown) Our president is Milo Zeman. 3. Capital City-Prague Prague is 496 km2 big. Population is about 1.2 million people. Nickname is Mother of Cities. Historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list ofWorld Heritage Sites. 4. JindichvHradecCities in Czech Republic 5. Tbor Area is 62.22 km2. Population is 35,859 people.We are from this city. Tbor lies on the river Lunice. 6. LemberkCastles 7. Snka is the highest point in CzechRepublic.Snka has 1,603 m. 8. Mountain and National ParksSloup-Skalnhrad 9. SportsTennis - Petra KvitovIce Hockey - Czechice hockey teamFootball - Czechfootball team 10. Food- Czech national mealsPork meat withcabbage anddumplings 11. Meat balls withpotatoes 12. Culture-Music Karel Gott Helena Vondrkov Our athem is called Kde domov mj 13. Thanks for watching Pictures: