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  • 1. CZECH REPUBLICWelcome To The City Of Prague

2. CZECH REPUBLICThe River Vltava splits the city into two halveswhile the Charles Bridge links them together. 3. CZECH REPUBLICCrossing The Charles Bridge 4. CZECH REPUBLICThe River Vltava and Charles Bridge. 5. CZECH REPUBLICThe Tourist Tram Line No. 91. From April to November visitors can enjoy a trip on one ofthese old trams that operate around the city. The No. 91 tramoperates on weekends and during public holidays ensuring thatyou can hop on and off at one of the many attractionsthroughout Prague. 6. CZECH REPUBLIC Current TramsThe Skoda Tram abovecommonly referred to as thePorsche by the locals is amodern tramTOURIST TRAM 91 designed, developed andmanufacturedby the Skoda Vehicle Company 7. CZECH REPUBLICVerna and Chris from NewZealand ANNESpotted Around Prague Castle 8. CZECH REPUBLICPragues Old Town Square .The square is popular withtourists, features include the gothic Church of Our Lady andbaroque St. Nicholas Church, You can also find the AstronomicalClock on this square and the Old Town Hall Tower. 9. CZECH REPUBLICThe Gothic Style Church of Our Lady 10. CZECH REPUBLICAstronomical Clock Tower St. Nicholas Church 11. CZECH REPUBLICAstronomical Clock Tower Astronomical Clock Face 12. CZECH REPUBLICOld Town Square 13. CZECH REPUBLICENTRANCE TO PRAGUE CASTLE 14. CZECH REPUBLICSaint Vitus Cathedral At Prague Castle 15. CZECH REPUBLICSaint Vitus Cathedral 16. CZECH REPUBLICEXPLORING PRAGUE CASTLE 17. CZECH REPUBLICEXPLORING PRAGUE CASTLE 18. CZECH REPUBLIC The Prague Castle Riding School was built in the 17 th centurybecause the existing royal riding school wasnt good enough andbecame an exhibition space in the 20 th century 19. CZECH REPUBLICThe New Town is a quarter in the city of Prague that today comprise the historiccentre of modern Prague. New Town was founded in 1348 just outside the citywalls of the Old Town and is about three times the size of the Old Town.These photos were taken outside our Hotel. 20. CZECH REPUBLICStone sculpture and ornament is everywhere. These two examples were on the building across from our Hotel. 21. CZECH REPUBLICThe Lesser Town was founded in 1257 on the slopes below thePrague Castle and it is linked to the Old Town by the CharlesBridge. It is the part of Prague least affected by resent history. 22. CZECH REPUBLICViews Of Lesser Town Below Prague Castle 23. CZECH REPUBLIC The Old Jewish CemeteryThe Old Jewish Cemetery lies in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. It was in use fromthe early 15th century. Burials took place there until 1787. The number of gravestones and number of people buried there are uncertain, because there arelayers of tombs. However, it has been estimated that there are approximately12,000 tombstones presently visible, and there may be as many as 100,000burials in all. 24. CZECH REPUBLIC The Old Jewish CemeteryAccording to Jewish laws ,Jews must not destroy Jewish graves and in particular toremove the tombstone. This meant that when the cemetery ran out of space andpurchasing extra land was impossible, more layers of soil were placed on theexisting graves, the old tombstones taken out and placed upon the new layer ofsoil. This explains why the tombstones in the cemetery are placed so closely toeach other. This resulted in the cemetery having 12 layers of graves. 25. CZECH REPUBLIC The Pinkas SynagogueThe Pinkas synagogue was built in 1535.In the late 1950s itwas turned into a Memorial to the Jews of Bohemia andMoravia murdered by the Nazis. On its walls are inscribed thenames of the 80,000 Holocaust victims. 26. CZECH REPUBLIC The Pinkas Synagogue 27. CZECH REPUBLIC The Pinkas Synagogue 28. CZECH REPUBLIC The Old Jewish Cemetery and Jewish QuarterFranz Kafka MonumentFranz Kafka Grave StoneFranz Kafka was an influential German-language author of novels and shortstories who is regarded as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. 29. CZECH REPUBLICWelcome To Cesky Krumlov 30. CZECH REPUBLICAbout Cesky KrumlovA UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cesky Krumlov is famous forits Old Town, with 300 protected medieval buildings, and itscastle complex, the second largest in the Czech Republic.Surrounded by rolling hills and the Vltava River, CeskyKrumlovs cobblestone streets wind past centuries old townhomes, inns, shops, and cafes. Located in the southwest partof the Czech Republic, this picturesque city is home to about14,000 residents. 31. CZECH REPUBLIC 32. CZECH REPUBLIC 33. CZECH REPUBLIC 34. CZECH REPUBLIC 35. CZECH REPUBLIC 36. CZECH REPUBLIC 37. CZECH REPUBLIC 38. CZECH REPUBLIC 39. CZECH REPUBLIC 40. CZECH REPUBLIC 41. CZECH REPUBLIC 42. CZECH REPUBLICOur tour party restingat Prague CastleVienna Here We Come. Cheers